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Current Models Available in the Market Place today

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2 hours ago, 25901 said:


Do not mention 504s to me adb968008, you should remember 

25262 at Rawtenstall


A wasted gift.






Only a few weeks later 304010 and 304027 would bring the end to the Altrincham line too..








The sound of these units lives on though, in Argentina on a 3rd rail network built using similar equipment on similar aged EMUs on a branch line from Buenos Aires to the River Plate, bouncy ride, jointed rail, the weird compressor noise and the whirring of the units.. even semaphore signals and English built signal boxes... just don't look anything like the 504s though but good for a sound file, both the Metro-vik and the Toshiba units.




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Given the announcements of the Peak, 66 and now class 47..


Where does this leave any developments here or has Charlie and his crystal ball chosen well and managed to avoid his ideas being done next..

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None done yet!    Charlie


PPS There are more announcements yet but not from us.  

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