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Hills of the North - The Last Great Project

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1 hour ago, LNER4479 said:

Many thanks for that; hope you enjoyed the read.


Sounds like we're kindred spirits then, at least in the sense of being inspired by the work of said Mr Jenkinson. I sometimes wonder whether modelling LMS/LMR subjects has been quite the same since his passing?


It's no secret that I intend to apply The Principles (as they shall henceforth be known) to my Waverley Route conceit.  When I've finished creating the layout space, I should have 9ft by approx 35ft, so folded figures of eight and ruling 1 in 75 gradients feature heavily in my planning brain.  I'm really encouraged by your Swiss cheese approach to filling the space with layout.  The principal contrast will be that I intend a continuous run to be an available default - taking in a few circuits of the room over several minutes.

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22 hours ago, St Enodoc said:

That's right. All systems, except clockwork, only need (multiples of) two wires.


Multiples being the operative word......my 2-wire system:




(It's better now!).



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7 minutes ago, LNER4479 said:

That's just showing off (I think ... ?)




A key difference is that whereas you envisage multiple control positions I started by specifying that everything must be controlable from a single panel; whilst it has given me what I wanted, that decision cost a lot in wiring complexity, not to mention drums of cable!


And now I'm trying to build in some duplicate control options to allow others to share the operation - so much for pre-planning.

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This is a photo from a few years ago under the junctions at the north end of our model of Citadel.


This is DCC but there's still a lot more than two wires....

You can see the "only two wires" for the track power - red and blue at top right plus black for point motor common. The relays control route setting and signal setting, I'm not sure if all the signals were wired when this photo was taken though.

It is actually quite pleasant working under the baseboards - they are 5ft off the tiled floor so I can sit comfortably on a chair.

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