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IRM Bubble cements


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After so many years in the doldrums it's great to Hazelwood in action.  The bubbles must be coming straight from the factory on their way for their first fill of cement, so so clean! Fell asleep trying to count them all..... 



40 winks would have done it  :)

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Thanks to me messing up the ordering and DPD being a equally dullard a bit late to the party but Bubbles arrived in this bit of Birimngham yesterday, WOW is all I can say echo all the plaudits a lovely model better than ballast by a smidge and I look forward to the next projects.


Look and run as good as you could want, some in orange as well but selling quickly so if IR floats your boat these will please!



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My order arrived yesterday, exquisitely crafted models but as you can see below they are certainly 'bright'.  I suppose peoples image of these models is from what they saw or from looking at photographs and I for one will be applying some weathering to them.







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