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OO gauge GWR Mogul and Prairie

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15 minutes ago, Br50_Kab said:

So in other words: if I want to be sure about a prototypical appearance it would be better to either go for BR green with late crest or BR black with a lot of weathering that one would have to apply with all possible risks of connectivity problems afterwards:biggrin_mini:?


I think everyone has different priorities concerning 'prototypical appearance'. Personally, I'd chose something with the right safety valve cover and the right firebox and correct inside/outside pipes and the right tender, i.e. the mechanicals, and worry about body colour cosmetics later.


15 minutes ago, Br50_Kab said:

Apart from that: you write that ~186 survived past 1959 and also, that many engines were withdrawn after the introduction of the late crest. A quick search for the Mogul on Wikipedia and other websites gives me a total production of 342 engines. If we don't count the 100 rebuilds into Granges and Manors that means that 242 should have made it into BR (maybe a few less due to age, war damage etc.). Then, 186 sounds still like a very substantial number to me. Although I have to admit that I don't know the numbers of other classes to be honest.....


The post-1956 demise of the Moguls can be plotted from the BRdatabase info.


Here's 6341 at Horton Road in dark grey, orange rust, dark brown and white livery:




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6 hours ago, Hal Nail said:


I've noticed a lot of the rare variations, such as BRITISH RAILWAYS on tank sides, early unlined green, lined green early crest etc etc feature on Cornish and Devon locos and I suspect whichever depot down that way did the painting (Newton Abbot?) liked to push a few through the paintshops as soon as a new set of rules came out. 

Not quite; Newton Abbott (in BR days) was a divisional main shed, but not a main works, and the painting was done at main works, for new locos and locos that had just had full overhauls.  The works (Swindon, Caerphilly, and Wolverhampton) painted according to the instruction that was in force at the time, so it is fairly safe to say that a loco painted on 31/5/48 was painted in GW style livery and lettered BRITISH RAILWAYS in GW style Egyptian serif, but an identical loco painted on 1/6/48 was in the appropriate BR standard livery and lettered BRITISH RAILWAYS in Gill Sans.  Locos were not 'pushed through the paintshops as soon as a new set of rules came out', they took their turn in the usual way. 


Swindon in fact did not have a proper paintshop, and locos were painted in their erecting shop bay.  For this reason, Caerphilly, which did have a proper paintshop, had a reputation for much better quality of it's finishes than Swindon; at Swindon the erecting shop bays needed to be cleared as quickly as possible for the next loco and painting was not done to the Caerphilly standard, where a loco could be released from it's erecting shop bay to the paintshop, rubbed down to bare metal, fully primed and undercoated, and several top coats put on.

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5 hours ago, The Johnster said:

Locos were not 'pushed through the paintshops as soon as a new set of rules came out', they took their turn in the usual way. 

Thanks all interesting stuff.


As Miss Prism commented, I pick loco configuration first but usually have a preferred livery and, sods law, often find it's a less common combination than I had thought, if there is also a shed in mind! Trawling through photos usually pays off though 


I should stress in case anyone takes anything I said as gospel, in researching 45xx and moguls in particular, I've come across a relatively high number of locos from that area in the "rare" liveries. As to why, I was merely guessing.


It may well be if you look hard enough examples appear everywhere - afterall all its slightly pot luck what got photographed or which of those photos were deemed worth publishing.

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