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Martin's new builds - tales from the dining room table on to the next jobs

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Now the 119 is in its stock box, time for the next set of kits.


Wagons and coaches.


Chivers MDVs.

Cambrian departmentals

Ratio Midland stock.

Various cattle wagons.


I am aiming to get enough stock produced for my BR Blue layout, a proposed 1950s ex Midland line, and a 1960 Cornish line.


The Cornish one has been advanced by the realisation I have quite a bit of stock (45xx and NBL 22), and now I have station plans.


The ex MR line the stock I have is slightly out of period,and a couple of miles from where they ran, but will include a few 4-4-0s.


I have 3 Ratio (may scrap and rebuy one) but need 4 ex Birmingham area subusrbans, used to be used on Birmingham Gloucester stopping services. This will be modelled as it theyu survived another couple of years, I have removed footboards and not fitting gas, but will find suitable battery boxes. 95% sure these will be EM.


The MDVs are nearly complete and will run in a mixed rake with MXV and MCV behind a 20 or 37. The ones I am modelling were parked up.


My BR Blue layout will include a PW depot, VERY LOOSELY based on Newland, enough based to have same crane and PWM, this will be on the return leg from the proposed river crossing towards the garage door. I am merging various features of 3 counties Lickey route so I can run quite a bit of stuff.



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The two Ratio MR vehicles now have vents and battery boxes, started on partitions, will then sit part down until paint and wheels obtained.



Now also working on 3 Airfix Cattle.


Chopping off oversized hinges and filling door holes. To be honest the doors are poor but fixable.


Will fill all 36 holes today and then leave for a week to harden.


Plastic is nicer than the Dapol versions.

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Gave up filling door but not body holes.


The oldest kit has one door missing and one wrecked by poor removal.


I will make 6 double doors from plastic card, ordered some plastruct the right dimensions for width for strapping, although it is nearly an inch scaled up thick (23mm) so will need to sand after fitting.


One also has a part built chassis. Managed to get couplings off and plastic wheels, but feels like the W irons will snap. if I drill them for bearings.


As to the rods on the side, do I replace with wire or thin plastic rod? I think the plastic rod is less likely to fall off.

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Was looking at pictures of trains in Cornwall.


Appears to be a mix of Airfix E140 B Sets, 9ft bogie E145 versions, and the E147 flush end ones.


Also Hawksworth and BR non corridor stock.


Managed to identify GWR C83 D132 T and BT, and Mark 1 64' T and BT.


How? Only late longer GWR non corridor, and Mark 1s are obvious.


I have on the way some C83 sides from Mousa, but need everythng else.


I have a DWG of the ends and a colleague will be reading them as soon as he gets back on the server.


They will also have an MJT roof, and I think a Comet floor and castings.


Bogies not sure, MJT or Comet? Or perhaps RTR.


Then all the side metalwork.


Looks like Comet for the BR BT.


Why did I decide this rather than pretend it is still open and use 118 and 119 DMUs? I know because I have a small prarie and a 22.

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As I am waiting on Brian Laserglaze I have continued on the GWR non corridors.


So far have sides, printed on paper ends, brass sheet, MJT bogies and frames and the recommended LNER roof profile.


The profile matches some RTR GWR stock very well.

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Still nothing from Brian


Anyway back to C83 and cattle, cattle are now wheeled, just playing hunt the bauxite.


Bogies done for 1 C83 and the second pair half done.


As to ends, given up trying to saw and are now using some old scissors.


Hopefull piccies next weekend.

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Still too dull


Anyway started on door hinges, using bits of MJT BR handrail and grab handle etches, the outside edge with nothing attached, one piece does 6 doors.

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MJT shell vents

MJT Bogie frames

MJT Bogie sides

Comet chassis

Comet battery boxes and vac cylinders

Mousa sides

Hinges bits of spare etch from MJT BR door handles

MJI ends

Soldered with mix of resin tin lead and 17something LMP

Roof with Devcon


Next few jobs are

1 Tidy up chassis fitment as it springs out

2 Other vac cylinder

3 Buffers when arrived

4 Light control cables

5 Emergency brake thing (plastic card and wire)

6 footboards

7 door grab handles

8 door handles



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