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Martin's new builds - tales from the dining room table on to the next jobs


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Done some tests on Limonine and results are interesting.


I glued offcuts of 10 thou to an offcut of 20 thou.


Joint 1 flooded

Joint 2 edge only

Joint 3 very sparing


Joint 1 is a bit soft and I think there is trapped solvent


Joint 2 OK


Joint 3 OK

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Not much to see as white plasticard is white plasticard.


Both C83 bodies ready for primer


Using a fine saw in a mitre box to create door lines on the 120 DMBC and TSLB done so far, still need to laminate one DMSL side.


Next load of laminations under books for IC unit and for strips to fit the 120 sides to Triang floors.


On current timescales for sides



DMBC next week fittings to chassis

TSLB next week hinges

DMSL next week laminate



TFkL *






* This week is glue strip on tumblehome

Next week skins

Week after door cuts



# This week cut

Next week lamination 1

Week after lamination 2

Week after tumblehome strips

Week after skins

Week after door cuts


So next week two sets of sides complete, and another the week after, early April for the first complete IC sides.

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Emergency DMU ID change


I thought the 120 I travelled on mainly was BR allocated with ex buffet.


Full research has provided


C509 W50691 W59277 W50728 but by 1981 at Chester

C556 W51577 W59583 W51586 but TSL


So my set will be C509 and at the oldest of my age range.


If I do another it will be C556

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Spent a few hours today working out the underframe layout of the Swindon 120s, still short of one tank for TSLB. I THINK I now have all the masters sorted.


Still doing a Leyland engine master.


Also worked out I could do 120 fuel tanks as well.


I used a general layout of a IC power car for engines and radiators and scaled the rest from side views and windows.

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Most masters are made and moulds have been poured, tomorrow will find out if it worked.


DMSL sides are being adjusted and another Triang roof modified.


Hopefully by end of Easter the DMSL will be glued to chassis.


Still need to order wheels from Gibson and waiting on motor bogie from High Level (they are on furlough.)

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Green are my designs

Pink scratch each time this includes the yellow tank as paint is stupid

Purple copied from some bogies I have

Yellow chopped from Lima but forgot radiator

light blue, scratch with Lima rocker covers




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(C) RCTS I did buy copies of these for personal use, I do recommend RCTS for these as they are very good scans. Worth the 20 quid!


Brown not yet decided, lilac to do still (need 8) orange will be doing swaps with someone else.



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