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Bachmann Parrot Wagon


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On 09/01/2018 at 14:57, ossy5190 said:

Presumably these were used to transport tanks from the factories to the southern ports for export or was that role reserved for the rectank wagons?

I suggest the RECtank’s were only used in the UK for movement of tanks from the factories to the Fit out Depot that fitted out tanks with their stores and tools, followed by the ports until early 1918. They also would have been occasionally been used to move tanks to Bovington, to replace training tanks with newer models, or replacements for vehicles needing major repair. 


The RECtanks were not suitable for use in France as they did not have the extra chain points for the French/European coupling system. Secondly, there is no evidence of any Parrot wagons being sold to French or Belgian railways, many other British wagons, including the Parrots and other WD specific designs were sold, or gifted to Belgian and French railways post war.


In early 1918 when the train ferry service was instituted movement From the Depot to the ports and France was by the Parrot wagons. Parrots had been in France since 1917 as some were used for Cambrai.


Note also that the Parrot was selected by the US Army as their tank wagon, these were British built.  There are images of knocked down US “Parrot” wagons being unloaded at a French port, and later their version of the wagon carrying three FT tanks.


By late 1918 I believe the Parrot was being supplemented with a well wagon (see below) ready for the MkVIII Liberty Tank, which appears to be taller than the MkI to Mk V, the UK and US were going to make for the planned 1919 offensive. This 1918 well wagon was probably the design resuscitated during WW2 as the Warwell.








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Added note about the US tank wagon
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