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I got a strange problem replying to topics on here. When I click on 'reply to topic' I start typing and as soon as I hit the space bar the page jumps to the end and I cant put a space between anything. This repeats and I have clear it by having to backspace and delete everything, 

It's not a major problem but it's driving me mad and doesn't happen on any other forum.

Anyone know what it could be?


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Hi Steve,


On which browser/device?


Normally the spacebar causes a browser to jump to the bottom of a page. I don't know why the text editor should be losing focus to the page when you space in text.


You can probably work round it by pressing Shift+Spacebar or Ctrl+Spacebar.





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Are you using MS Edge? In which case, before typing the first blank in your reply, you need to left-click at the point where you first blank will be.  Thereafter all works OK as you can see by this typing.


I believe it's an issue with this forum's software in that it may not be compatible with Edge.


Having said that, if you're browsing a web-site, you can scroll up and down pages by using the space bar, and I believe this issue is connected to that feature. For example, try browsing this topic and hitting the space bar ...

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Corrected it for you ;)




Well I access many different forums (as you do!) but this is the only one where this problem arises. Whether it's MS Edge or this forum's software is open to debate possibly!

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