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New N Gauge project!

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 My 00 gauge projects are progressing slowly - so surely this was not the time to consider another new project. But temptation proved too much. For the last few months I have been tempted by a part built N gauge layout that I had seen for sale at a local show. A number emails had been flying back and forth between myself and the owner prior to the Christmas period. Things had gone quiet for a few weeks, but last night I took the plunge and made an offer for the layout. This was accepted and I will soon become the owner of another project.


 The layout is built on a 4ft x 18inch board. It comes complete with fiddle yard (to the rear of the layout) and three cassettes. It is fully wired and just needs a controller to become operable.  The model features a raised track bed, and is lowered at the front with the representation of a quayside wall. There is a short single platform present too. This "coastal" location appealed to me. I have started a 00 gauge coastal model - Skaleby Quay. Progress is slow because I still have some woodwork to do and school holidays present the only opportunity for this. A ready built layout will give me something else to get my teeth in to.


 As yet I have no name for the layout. It will definitely be steam era and will feature branch passenger trains with some fish traffic serving the quayside. Below is an overhead shot of the layout. Hopefully I will get my hands on it in a couple of weeks.



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Will this be Skaleby (Lyddle End) ?

How about Little Skaleby?

Or Skaleby Bay?

Or even Skaleby North?


Or maybe I should break with tradition and not have Skaleby in the title (like I have done with Gairloch).

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I was sitting thinking about the layout earlier today . I hope to have it in my possession by the end of the month. As this is a move into a new modelling scale, I currently have no N gauge stock at all so what should I buy? Starting with a blank sheet it means I can be more selective in my purchases than I have been with my 00 gauge collection. I can focus my purchase on a particular region whereas in the larger scale I have adopted a broader criteria, buying things I like rather than having any area or era in mind.

So what area should I adopt? The coastal, fishing port opens all kind of opportunities. I think the track plan could easily suit a small Cornish or Southern fishing port. That would give me the opportunity to run ex GWR or Southern region stock. However it could also represent a North Eastern or a Scottish port. Hmmm decisions, decisions. Having a better knowledge of what is available in N gauge will help. Some research needed then I feel. I was admiring a friend’s N gauge Ivatt 2 at the club the other night. I think I would quite like one of those.


Lots to think about.

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