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42ft & 47ft Container flat wagons


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End details. As I already had a pack of them I used these for the brake pipes.



I drilled a 1mm hole to mount it on the headstock.



The bottom part needs to be trimmed off to ensure nothing projects below the headstock, as that will foul the coupling.


The coupling hook is a BR type from Ambis that I had in stock.


more soon.

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Primed and ready to go. Things are moving on now, it's looking like a production line.



Stacked like containers.


The real point of this is to show the dimensional stability of the WSF material, all six are dead straight.


A close up of a version 3, with integral buffers.


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Next they were painted with Humbrol 160, apart from where the number goes.



Today I tested their ability to go round curves. I found some setrack curved points. These are the older type with 1st radius curves. With the help of some weights they just about manage this tight radius. They should be fine on 2nd radius and above.



This reverse curve pushed the couplings to the limit.



Meanwhile work continued on the brake wheels.



I've also been working on my Shapeways shop, editing photos etc. It should all be ready tomorrow.

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Putting it all together gets this.



These are the photos that appear in the Shapeways product descriptions.


All 3 versions of the mk,2 design are now live on Shapeways, together with the detail parts, in a new Irish section of my shop.




The mk.3 version has also been uploaded and I will be ordering test prints today. When I'm happy they are ok I'll make it available as well. So you'll have to wait a bit longer if that is the one you want. Until then here is a preview.



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Meanwhile work continues on the FUD print of version 3 from the last batch. This is it after being soaked in IPA, to clean off any support material.




Handbrake wheel mounting

This applies to all versions of the mk.2 design. I use 0.5mm brass rod for this. It is located next to one of the vacuum brake cross shafts, there are small square pieces into which holes need to be drilled for the rod. This photo should explain it.



And now in red primer.





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Things may have gone a bit quiet while we wait for Shapeways to do their magic with the mk.3 prints, but I still have plenty of bogies to assemble. I've also tried an alternative type from Cambrian, C37 Gloucester bogie, to see if it could produce a model more like the prototype. It's the one on the left.




I'm also trying out the Bachmann Y25 for size, as a substitute for the Y33.


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Hi Well ordered 3 with buffers and bogie centres, plus some brake wheels as well . I have a few of the Y33- labelled as Y25 to hand so lets see how they work out - fine I am sure will fit Kaydees to outer ends of rake and small hook/ loop couplers in between.


Ordered some containers from Crail to suit as well



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Good timing Robert, I've been playing with couplings and bogies.

I tried them with Kadee couplings, no.20 is just about long enough.



Both bogies here are the C72 ride control type, they seem to be ok.



The C37 Gloucester type (left) sits a bit lower, the coupling appears to be drooping a bit, this could be fixed.


Overall I prefer the look of the Cambrian C72 type.


The Bachmann Y25 bogie can be adapted for use. I glued some 1mm (40thou) plastic on the top. This gives the correct ride height with versions 2 & 3 of the wagons. It also provides a mounting point for the coupling socket. A hole was drilled for the mounting screw.




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Overall I prefer the look of the Cambrian C72 type.




Yes but the NEM pocket height looks too low.  The kadee would not run over points without snagging the cross rails. The Bachmann bogies looks a safer bet for running with kadees, but agree if using tension lock the C72 looks that biz.

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In the third photo the C72 is on the right, it's kadee is at the correct height. There is usually some slop in the socket that can be removed with a bit of packing. As ever it's a case of tweaking things to get them to work.

Now I have a question for you lot. Is the correct designation for this wagon LY or LP ? And what's the difference?

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A big box has arrived from Shapeways, hurrah!

I took some photos of the full fat mk.3 version before putting it in a bath of IPA to clean off any residue.





Looks like it's all there with no problems.

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This version (A) is only really meant to be used with the Cambrian bogies seen in above posts. The Bachmann Y25 has issues with this version that will limit its use to larger radius curves. I plan to address these issues in a future version.


Container fixing


I tried an experiment with some magnets. The bogie mounting screws I've used are just long enough for the end to be flush with the top surface. I placed a small (2x1mm) magnet on this, its upper side was level with top surface of the wagon.



I did this at both ends, placed some super glue gel on top of both, then placed a container on top lined up correctly. After leaving time for the glue to set I removed the container.



These magnets have enough force to hold it in place when upright, but not too much.


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Another experiment.

So far I've been using Microscale decals for the serial numbers, but they ran out pretty quickly. Rather than buy more I decided to try and print my own, sort of. I printed the numbers onto ordinary paper using a laser printer, trying various fonts and sizes. I cut some of these out and glued them to the sides with small amounts of Glue'n'Glaze. They look pretty obvious in the first two photos.




After leaving plenty of time for them to dry I painted the edges, and around the numbers, with the same paint as the body.




I think that's worked quite well.

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