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42ft & 47ft Container flat wagons


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Today I have been mostly spraying things with red primer. I'll get some photos taken later.

Of more interest is that I've updated and enabled all the models in my Shapeways shop, including the 47ft ones. I'll be ordering test prints soon, but as they are made up of parts that have successfully printed before there shouldn't be any problems with them. This is a direct link to the Irish section of the shop:




Time to do some actual modelling now.

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Some progress on recent test prints.

As I'd run out of brake pipes I made my own from 1mm nickel silver rod.



After attack of the red primer:


42ft LP with round buffers, on Cambrian bogies.



42ft LY with square buffers, on Bachmann bogies.



47ft LX on Bachmann bogies.



With a 45ft box (Bachmann).


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After Robert pointed out to me that my couplings were a bit low I've had another look and a rethink on how to mount them.

I've raised the mount by about 1mm by inserting it into a cut-out in the Cambrian bogie, supported underneath by some plastic card.





This does introduce a problem, the top of the NEM box can now catch the end of the wagon. A solution is to file a chamfer on the top of the box.



I had the same issue with the Y25 bogie, I raised the coupling with some 1mm plastic card and filed the box in the same way.



It would probably be easier just to glue the coupling itself to the bogie, but I wanted the flexibility of a NEM362 socket.

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That might work with a Kadee, one of the long types like #26. It really needs a close coupling mechanism like on the Bachmann pair I bought for parts, but that's far too complicated (for me) and difficult to hide on a wagon like this.

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Hi Nile,

Thanks for pics - working to catch up - but real world in the way , shamfer does seem a way forward I will also thin beam a tad as well I think.



Shapeways have shipped a pair of 47 footers as well so hopefully will arrive next few days.


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Bogies for the 47' flats.


Had to clear part of the underframe to allow wheel clearance and fettle the bosses for the bogies as they were very tight.  Attached couplings on the Bachmann Y25's and on trying them on the workbench they clear the buffer beam but still to be tested on the layout.





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Interesting, I increased the diameter of the boss as it was a very loose fit before. Those on my latest prints fit the Bachmann bogies perfectly, maybe I should reduce them slightly to allow for Shapeways variability. Mine are currently at the IPA cleaning stage, hopefully get some primer on them tomorrow.

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Hi Neil. Looking good. Have you tried any kadee couplings with the flats? Noel


PS: Off topic a bit but your pic above has given me a great idea to make a jig for positioning kadee gearboxes to the underside of wagons I am currently converting.  Would allow dry test fitting of various shims before gluing the gearbox under a wagon.

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Noel, I posted a photo a while back with kadees fitted, no.20s I think were needed.

The latest models got primed yesterday, here are some photos.

42 and 47 footers together.



Some close ups of the details.



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It's taken far too long but I've managed to finish a higher detail 47 footer, I seem to have the slowest drying paint in the world.

First a photo I should have posted earlier, showing the removal of the central support I added to prevent warping.


Any remains were filed down to a smooth finish.

Next two photos showing how I fitted Dapol NEM sockets to Bachmann Y25 bogies using bits of 40thou plastic card and Plastic Weld.




Painted and assembled.



With a 45ft container (Bachmann).



With two 20ft tank containers.




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Very pleased with Neil's 42ft Container flat printed in FUD with the round buffers and Bachmann bogie mount.  Just primed for now, will fit kadee couplings, decals, paint brake wheel and buffers later, then finally some light weathering.




A pair of 20ft C-Rail BELL containers look great on board.



Even with a single 20ft container the flat looks great.



I am going to attempt to add lead weight under the bogies so that this beauty can run without a load - the skeletal body deserves to be seen.

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Couldn't resist popping this stunning 42ft on the layout last night with some recently weathered 20ft Bell's



Love the big round buffer option - Will finish the painting later today



A single 20ft has the benefit of revealing the chassis detailing and storing a weight inside the container.



Two 20ft containers on board look great.


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Fitted kadee's to the Bachman bogies for a test run this evening.



Fairly simple job with minimal plastic fettling needed to glue kadee no 20s to the bogies



Then a test run for the 42ft on the layout with a rake of 20ft container wagons.


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