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sir douglas

Eyemouth O gauge 1906ish or 1923ish

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The point motors are going on now with 3 of the 5 in place and tested that they move but not yet got the piano wire. although it was not yet done in the photo below, all the wiring goes through a chocolate block connector next to each motor. the output wires on the computer power pack have been sorted and with a switch rigged up i had the first motor working last week. Today i have wired the switches to go a little panel and wired the 3rd motor also resulting in lots of little scribbling and noting of what colour wire goes where. the screw holes and the motor alignment were done using the template provided in the instructions. back when i was track laying and drilling the holes in the board for the piano wire i marked the centre line across the trackbed which the ends could be marked around and copied on the underneath to align the motor which you can see the pencil line of below. the other centre line was marked off this with a square. the template was cut out and stuck on with tape lining it up with the pencil lines. the screw holes wre marked with a nail and hammer giving one hit just to indent the ply as a pilot hole


Also today, Mark has made paper templates for cutting the river and road pieces for 3 boards. its better to make all the mistakes on this old wall paper which otherwise would have just been thrown away rather than make the mistakes on the ply and waste it.


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