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Invicta Model Rail 38-125Y RTC Trib Van Arrives

Andy Y

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NEWS RELEASE: Invicta Model Rail 38-125Y RTC Trib Van Arrives


38-125y Prod.JPG


Invicta Model Rail, Sidcup, Kent, is pleased to announce the arrival our latest Exclusive Limited Edition produced by Bachmann Europe PLC.     

Now in stock - 38-125Y RTC Trib Van Bauxite Livery Limited Edition of 504 £27.50


RTC Trib Train Van ZXR RDB 999900 A purpose built COV-AB van, often seen between 975046 and 975076 as part of the Tribology Test Train, it was used to induce/inhibit wheel slipping. The real van was unusual as it was fitted with gangway connections (not modelled) It was finally scrapped around 2009.



Available Now By Calling On 0208 302 7774

On Line at www.invictamodelrail.com

or visit us in store at 130 Station Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 7AB


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