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Andy Y

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2 hours ago, Steamport Southport said:


So not realistic then? That's more of a "what if" scenario than modelling something that happened.


I don't even think the wagon is accurate as it came from a drawing in the Roche book and ISTR has errors.




It’s not perfect, but it’s not bad either, a  few wee additions can improve it quite easily. 
As the original no longer exists all you can go by are the few photos and drawings that survive. 
Picture of my model with the CR 1900 Goods Album photo.




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I had a go at the Caley coaches some time ago, using Airfix LMS coaches as a subframe and roofs. Here is one on my old layout, and a link to the blog covering it. Present state of play are them semi dismantled to get LMS bogies, a job that stalled last autumn and which I intend to return to soon. I am also almost through cutting some older Triang ones down to 57' and again mounting on Bachmann Period 1 chassis- they are awaiting lining and again in a queue.




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8 hours ago, turbos said:

Personally I don’t think any of the Caledonian(esque) rtr rolling stock from the past will be good enough without some serious work done to it to look OK next to the forthcoming ‘812  Class’ release. Hopefully the Hattons ‘Genesis’ Caledonian coaches will look OK with an as built No.828 even if not exactly prototypical. All the later liveried versions have various choices of rtr rolling stock.

More damage to my wallet!




I was thinking along the same lines and I am also eying the Hattons coaches, although if Hornby produce a Caledonian version of their generic coaches (and I don't believe announcements until I see the product) theirs might be easier or at least cheaper (although that depends on the importer's and retailer's mark-ups) to obtain in Australia.  My preference would be for the six wheel coaches, although my layout does have some very tight curves but, if the worst comes to worst, I could remove the flanges from the centre wheels - the tenders of Hornby Dublo (but not the later Wrenn) locomotives used this dodge and, surprisingly, it's not noticeable from a normal viewing distance although, that said, the coach wheels are a bit more exposed.  My Caledonian (and Highland) stock, which is only a small part of my collection, is based around 1922/23, so four wheeled Caley coaches, unless I were to get some of those intended for the Balerno branch, would be a bit out of place.


Of course, I could always take a Tri-ang clerestory, stick an arc roof on it and paint it in Caley colours.......



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9 hours ago, E100 said:

I noticed Jenny Kirk had one running in the background last week!



Yes , Jenny has one for review . The lighter Blue one I believe . She has said she will publish shortly ., maybe even this week .

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24 minutes ago, Jenny Emily said:

The review is filmed and should, all going well, go live on Wednesday. Here are three pictures from the review; I was loaned the lighter CR livery model as well as the LMS black one. 


So cool to finally see the models outside the white blank screen we have been seeing them in and instead on a proper layout, can't wait to see them in the video!

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