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Not only an Aircraft Graveyard in Arizona

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On 19/11/2020 at 22:58, PenrithBeacon said:

There's a huge amount of money tied up there. Are they mostly owned by the railway or are they leased?


The BNSF and Union Pacific locomotives are certainly owned by their respective railroads. The grey and blue locomotives seen at the beginning of the video appear to be from a leasing company but I'm not sure which.


Larry's Truck and Electric maybe?

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There have been quite sizeable dumps of stored locos in the US for some years now.

The lot in the background were in Fridley Yard (?) in Minneapolis back in 2011...




There were a lot more present than feature in my photo.

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HMMM - Thinking my model Railroad has lots of locos from various roads. I might put up a "NRE" sign over my diesel depot !!


They have an interesting website - no prices though !!!!!





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Closer to home, there were a lot of locos and units stored in the SNCF marshalling yard at Sotteville, Rouen. Some are very evidently awaiting cannibalising, others look as though they're just stabled:-


I counted 8 (750m) roads full of locos; when I was there last, there were even more.


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