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After a near 20 year break, I've actually started to do some physical model making.  It was a shock to me too!  But seeing as Richard I was making more progress with my 3d files than I was, it was time to gently ease myself out of the armchair.


A few weeks ago this arrived:




Which I prompted fell in love with and put in a cupboard as I was too scared to touch.  Courage was summoned and the desire to at least make a start on it before the other Richard finished his. I detached the internal sprues and inspected my handiwork closer.
The Good: Body came out very well, internal sprues with buffers/vac hose and coupling hook seems ok.  Solebar printed well and the brake lever is a highlight. 
The Bad: On the downside, printing the roof in 2 halves hasn't worked well, with wax being trapped between them and the alignment not being all that.  The brake gear was too flimsy, with 3 shoes coming away when the sprue was detached.
Could do better:  One piece roof, thicker supports for the brakes, re-position the sprues for the brakes to reduce strain when de-spruing.
The concept behind the design was to make it as cheap as possible on Shapeways by reducing the footprint, height and supports.  I think I've gone too far, but as an exercise in finding the limits whilst still giving me a workable object, it's been a success.
A bit of primer later:






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Please tell us more (to my ignorant GW eyes, this looks like a sawn-off siphon, but it is a delightful vehicle, so please educate us)

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Funnily enough the GC had some slatted milk vans that were as near as damn it identical to a certain GW siphon. Sadly, I have only ever seen the diagram book drawing, never a GA or a photo. Though I suspect that if one showed up in the background of a photo, 99.9% of people would think it was GW.


J. G. Robinson was trained at Swindon, and I strongly suspect that he had contacts there that influenced some of his designs. 


The GC had a number of fish van types (it was a house speciality). This type is one of the prettier ones and the parts look great.

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