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CIE Bogie Travelling Post Office kit - Irish Freight Models


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It was a most pleasant surprise to learn I had won a raffle prize at the WMRC Easter Layout Exhibition. An Irish Freight Models kit of a CIE Bogie TPO. Thank you WMRC and especially IFM who kindly donated this kit as one of the prizes for the raffle. The purchase of the raffle tickets proved fortuitous as I was just about to order one of these unique kits anyway.




Decals, wheels, grab rail wire, buffers and glazing sheet included. Only extras needed are a pair of Bachmann commonwealth bogies which I already had (salvage from 3173 GSV conversion). Nice crisp resin moulding with virtually no flash.




Really looking forward to working on this over the coming weeks alongside the few other projects on the bench at various stages of undress smile.png Anyway a most pleasant and unexpected bonus from visiting the Wexford town exhibition for the first time.


EDIT: Too excited to wait.  First coat of primer on.





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I've been studying some photos and have decided to try the CIE Black'n'Tan era version. I will be making some small modifications which is half the fun.  I'll be blanking out the doors where the automatic collection and drop off gear was removed in early 1960s, and a few other details. I love that these coaches actually had a letter box slot on each side.  Might try and mimic the inside of the windows where they had a horizontal timber baton half way down the inside of the big windows with hooks for small sacks to be attached to. Lights might be another option.



Photo below © Paul Haywood




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Is this coach the same as the one in Downpatrick Noel, if so I should have some photographs if you need them?


Thanks Kieran

I don't think its the same coach, the B&T above has had the doors removed where the catch/release gear used to be but the green Downpatrick coach has those doors. Would be interested to see them anyway. I notice the B&T above has had 'air' pipes added all along the length of the coach just at the sole bar.  The roof has also been cut right back flush with the recess for the former gear.

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Noel, the Downpatrick TPO is one of the 2973-2978 series 61' 6" long, where as your model looks like the 2979-2981 series at 59' 11" in length.


If you still want photos of 2978 PM me your email address and I'll send them on.



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