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WorkShop Wise (South) - 14th July 2018

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This is a new event for the Club and the South Hants Area Group.

10.30 – 16.30 at The South Hants MRC clubrooms

Workshop Wise (South) 2018 is on Saturday 14th July

at Fort Widley, Portsdown Hill Road, Portsmouth, PO6 3LS
(one mile from M27 / A3 M Junction)

It will be a day of practical modelling and demonstrations from members of the South Hants Area Group and other friends.

We will also have Hope-under-Dinmore (EM) and the first showing of EASTWOOD, now a large circular S4 Layout.

As always, the South Hants Area Group meetings are open to all, regardless of your preferred scale or gauge, though for this event there will be a £3 per person entry fee.

Contact Ray Hodson, Area Group Organiser 07710 591511  [email protected]

Please book this day in your diary

See also http://www.shmrc.org.uk/event/workshop-wise-south-14th-july-2018/

Workshop Wise (South) 2018.pdf

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We have some more details of the Event:


The following Demonstrators are planned:



Soldering - Roger Sawyer

Big Room.  Roger (The Secretary of the EMGS) will lead an interactive workshop between 11am and 1pm. Several workbenches with Irons and materials will be provided for ‘student’ to practice with.  Roger will be available in the afternoon as a Demonstrator.



Resistance Soldering - Ray Hodson

Big Room.   Ray will lead an interactive workshop between 2pm and 4pm. Several workbenches with RSU’s and materials will be provided for ‘student’ to practice with.  Ray will be available in the morning as a Demonstrator.



From My Workbench - Phil Hall

Western Room.  Phil will be bringing some models from the work bench of a professional model maker.  Phil is always ready to discuss any aspect of his Modelling activities



Track Building - Tony Sullivan

Eastern Room.  Tony will be showing and demonstrating his track building skills.



Locomotive Conversions - Paul Sager

Western Room. Paul will be showing a selection of the Locomotives from his Edge Hill Layout and demonstrating and discussing some of the tricks and processors to make excellent models



Scratchbuilt Wagons - Duncan Redford

Eastern Room.  Duncan is presently building a Mixed Gauge Layout and will be demonstrating how he builds wagons from scratch.



Weathering & Wagon Loads - David and Alison Barker

Western Room.  David and Alison are well known of the exhibition circuit.  Today, as a new venture they will show us how to make some wagon loads etc.



Silver Soldering - John Worseley

Big Room.  John has been a professional jeweller all his working life. Today his task is to show visitors that Silver Soldering isn’t difficult.



Etched Kit Construction - Mike Ainsworth

Eastern Room.  Mike (The Secretary of the S4 Society) is a very experienced modeller. Today he will demonstrate some of his etched Kit models and give guidance on how he makes them work.



Diesel Period Modelling - Tom Silsbury

Western Room. Tom is a Professional Railway Man at work, but today he will be showing how he make models for the modern and not so modern period in S4



DCC - Nigel Phillips

Western Room. Nigel is an active member of MERG. Today he will explain and demonstrate DCC and how it works.



Templot - Phil Chudley

Eastern Room. Phil might be best known at this time as the man with the Lee om the Solent Layout.  Another of his skills is Templot which he will demonstrate.






Eastern Room. We hope to have trains running around this big S4 Layout for the first time in public, so you see trains running through before the layout is ready for the exhibition circuit….


Hope Under Dunmore

Western Room. Hope will be running with all the exhibition stock plus perhaps some visitors for this special event.



Societies Stands:



EMGS - Roger Sawyer - Big Room



Scalefour - Mike Ainsworth - Eastwood Room




Big Room Teas, Coffee, Cold Drinks only, please BYO


Bring and Buy Stand

The B&B stand will be limited to members sales from the S.H.A.G. group only, sorry. We should have a good selection of items for sale. 

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Access to Fort Widley


Unfortunately, these old buildings do not have lifts. Although the clubrooms are on the ground floor, the Fort is built on the side of Portsdown Hill, and access to the Fort is on the first floor (above the clubrooms).


There is only access to the Clubrooms using stairs (22 Steps).


Sorry if this affects any prospective visitors.

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A quick bump, as it's just over a week away from this event  :-)


Roger Sawyer's Soldering demonstrations are always hands-on and extremely popular:




I'm hoping to be there.  I'll be easy to spot, as having flown in from a business trip I'll be the shambling one with the red eyes!


Do come and say hello.


Paul Willis

Scalefour Society Deputy Chairman


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