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Dr Emmett Brown goes trainspotting in his DeLorean

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Hi Ian


If Only Hornby viewed and listened to some of these Threads / Posts, there are Three Great Trains to be made...


Steam Loco No. 1, The other Normal Steam Engine Loco Doc & Marty Steel... Borrow... that Pushes the DeLoreon up to 88mph passing the 'Point of No Return' Water Wind Mill... and they made a miniature 1:10 scale to fling of the end of a trestle.


Steam Loco No. 2, The Loco version that Doc had temporally put together to show how the events of the day will happen, and how to steel.... or Borrow the Loco, It's a Science Experiment and miniature plans of course of the day, Doc says, sorry 'I'v not had TIME to build it to Scale', and shows Marty the makeshift Model that he had built and the the Old Steam Loco made out of old Chess Pieces, and parts of the a Revolver of a Gun as the Boiler to the Steam Engine... as the Doc turn on the Power, to make the Model Train work and hook up to the DeLoreon and puts on more Power to the Model Train as it accelerates up to 88mph as it sails safely across the completed bride... (Marty) What's This.... The Point of No-Return... Doc... That's our fail safe point, as Doc points at the Water Wind Mill, It's Our Future or Bust after this Wind Mill, the Point we still have time to save the Locomotive... to bad we will not be around to see the spectacular wreck at the bottom of 'Shonash Ravine'... aka 'Eastwood Ravine' haha


Steam Loco No. 3, The Flying Steam Train of the Future (See Picture Above)


Now there are THREE EXCELLENT LOCOMOTIVE's that Hornby could and should release and can all be seen in BTTF3. If Only I worked in the marketing department at Hornby, these would be on my To-Do List.


Wouldn't that be nice to have on our Model Railways Layout coming to an exhibition near you. haha




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