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Class 66 in OO Gauge - New Announcement

Hattons Dave

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On 04/10/2021 at 21:09, adb968008 said:

Many of the new liveries require a tooling variant we haven't yet seen from anybody..


The Euro imports..


Euro buffers..

The protruding horn box…



note, when aligning the image.. i noticed some minor observations.

The rooflines appear slightly different.. the RFC 66 tapers the roof downwards to the cab front where as the GBRF blue one is dead straight.

Also note the headlight is lower, as is the cantrail stripe, as the body to roof taper is different too…


marked up here..it might be the camera angle but here it is, but it is angled 90 degrees to the lampost, as well as the gbrf blue roof.





Don't forget that some of the euro 66s used to have aircon units mounted on the roofs, these would have been removed before coming to the UK, so some cab roofs may well look slightly diffrent depending on what work has been done to them.

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On 16/10/2021 at 15:18, atom3624 said:

Is anyone making replacement axlebox caps for these?

Just had mine running the last couple of days and have noticed 2 are missing.

I've been around the tracks a couple of times with a high-powered torch and nothing showing.

I'll keep looking, and will approach H directly.



For those that have a resin printer - see here for the .stl file


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When I arrived home, there was a miniature Jiffy bag, with a smaller resealable plastic bag with what initially looked like smallish screws.

I couldn't remember any such recent purchase, and any references didn't indicate what was contained .... then it dawned on me!


6 AB covers received.

I lightly drilled out the 2 holes with missing AB's to allow 'a little movement' and got onto fitting ... one was fine immediately, the other started to work out, so I lightly enlarged again - from 2.8 to 3.2mm (Dremel bits I have) and have reset again, then left overnight.

Inverted running seems OK - needed to realign as straight as possible as well but seems good.


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