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Corfe Exchange completed

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   Here is my completed entry for the cakebox challenge in 7mm scale. Progress has been rather slow from October! The thumbnails show the process from the basic plan which has had to be adapted in a couple of areas but still keeping within the challenge footprint. The loading dock needed to be raised in height to attain a reasonable angle to enable discharge from the tippler to the standard gauge wagon and the backscene and tree were replaced from the original.The replacement tree is a representation of a Magnolia, a couple of sprigs of Jasmine spliced together and painted white & red.

    I wanted to create an impression of activity within the scene so several cameos were created. Firstly lighting. Inside the hut is an LED giving off a red glow and outside a brazier also lit by a LED. These are powered by a 9v battery contained in an extractable compartment which together with its switch lives under the loading dock. A workman having a break from repairing the well worn fence is seen having a brew. His flask keeping his cuppa hot as steam can be seen rising from his mug. He is keeping an eye on the broken pieces of fence burning in the brazier and he is also having to keep an eye on the water spillage from the hosepipe used to fill the loco. At the other end of the hut is a tally board and a spare rope. The main focus is the loading shute formed from plasticard channel with track pins as bolts, (I knew I would find a use for those old bent pins!), matchsticks and for the shute itself a section of aluminium food tray coloured and distressed. The sand and gravel was sourced from our local beach and again wanting to give the impression of movement, a load is being discharged.

    Sometimes less is more, and without the wagons and loco more detail can be seen such as weeds growing around the track and in the wall and also the sand spillage. Finally the Dorset Sand & Gravel company (DSG) must be doing fine as they have invested in a brand new diesel! Altogether a totally enjoyable project.




























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A very realistic & detailed model in such a small space, like the "lighting effects" too, always adds a fresh dimension to a model - well done!

Edited by Andrew Cockburn

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Thank you all. for your kind comments. Wasn't too sure if the pouring sand would look convincing enough, but I am pleased with the result. Good old diluted PVA and a bit of patience! As the diorama dimensions are minimal in 0 gauge, having the narrow gauge feeder gives more space for detailing etc.

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Guest ShildonShunter

A fantastic cakebox challenge brilliant modelling thanks for sharing.;)

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