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On 27/08/2019 at 21:28, Nick Mitchell said:

Something I don't think I will be able to tackle is the filled-in area under the smokebox door. It ought the be further recessed to the saddle, but I will have to live with it. Maybe a pile of ash under the smokebox door will be able to disguise it. 


OK, so I'm replying to myself here, but it is actually an encounter with Simon Grand and Tim Watson after the 2mm AGM yesterday that this is really a response to!


Simon casually dropped into the conversation his surprise that I could live with the aforementioned unsightly lump under the smokebox door. Well, of course, as soon as he's said it, I realised that I can't - but what to do about it?

It was while I was blanching at the suggestion of cutting the whole front end off(!!!) that Tim chipped in with inspirational tales of how he'd once made a Midland compound out of a PECO Jubilee back in the days when the only options for making anything were to scratch-build or convert a Jubilee. I suspect there wasn't much Jubilee left by the time Tim had finished with his.

Anyway, I was left feeling that if you can turn a PECO body into anything, the very least I ought to attempt would be to turn this one into something that looks like a Jubilee.


I didn't follow Simon's radical solution, but with a few carefully aimed holes made with a 0.8mm drill, followed by some carving and filing, the offending lump was gone. I've filled in the gap with 0.010" plastic card, and it now has a proper "chin". I've also filled in the gaps between the separate smokebox saddles to represent the later single piece type that all the Jubilees had by the late 40s. I may or may not attempt to add the ribs along the sides and front of the saddle. Better to have them missing altogether than end up with ones either overscale or the wrong shape....


Thank you Simon for your timely intervention. It looks a million times better already:



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Thread hijack.

Here's one I made earlier (over 30 years ago but still a runner!). You can tell it was a Jubilee by the mound of coal in the tender.



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