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CIE Goods Trains 1974 + kadee couplings


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Very nice Noel. Just wish IRM would do a big standard CIE brakevan soon.



Thanks.  Yes indeed, I hope in time they also produce the two most important and numerous goods wagons in the history of Irish railways that covered more decades in service than any other wagons, the Bulleid corrugated open single beat wagon and the H-van, both produced in their 000s.  Judging by the typical age demographics apparent in the hobby these earlier era wagons would probably outsell all other products by a vast margin.  I'm sure in time over the years they will get around to all the popular rolling stock.


PS: It wasn't until after 1974 the terms 'goods' was commonly replaced with the modern era term 'freight'. :) Anything other than coaches with bogies or fitted brakes seems rather modern. :)

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