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Night Mail Train


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CIE night mail train.


TPO running trials prior to finishing. Thought it wise to test run before fitting the small fiddly bits in case any manhandling was needed, but the test run went ok and Irish Freight Models CIE bogie TPO 2974 kit is running well. Will now finisher her with the remaining detailing.


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Nice job Noel.


Thanks Kieran.  I made a few small additions and overall its been a lovely kit to work on.  Debating now about putting lights inside. I love running it with just the GSV, or the GSV plus a brake parcel van.  I'll have to make up the classic CIE Galway formation which was a rake of mk2d with EGV, but a TPO + GSV up front as a train within a train. It was never possible to walk between the TPO/GSV pairing and the seven coach mk2 rake due different corridors connections.

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