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On 30/04/2021 at 15:48, 50002Superb said:

How come?


I thought they finished next Friday?

Apologies for the late reply. Believe it was because of a reduced timetable over the Bank Holiday weekend, so no need for them.



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43102 heads the 1B23 Leeds to London away from Langley Mill yesterday morning ... the purple 43274 was at the back ...



I couldn’t resist one last MML journey aboard a HST! So this morning I caught 1B23 to Leicester. The same set as yesterday, with 43102 rolling into Langley Mill ...



With 43274 leading from Nottingham on its way to London, about to depart Leicester ...




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Well, after seeing the 'celebrity' EMR set on its first day following 43102 being repainted, it was only fitting I headed to Derby last night to see the final HST timetabled passenger service from London arrive and depart. In front of a large gallery, 43102 'The Journey Shrinker' arrived working the 1F70 2002 St Pancras to Leeds East Midlands Railway service, with purple 43274 tailing. A nice touch was the headboard to mark the occasion. End of an era...


The Journey Has Shrunk

(Linked from Flickr)


And a video...the number of people present meant some shots were spoiled unfortunately, with people getting too close to the edge despite security's best efforts...




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On 19/01/2021 at 21:07, 46011 said:

Two from either end of Newcastle in 1985.


43082 on the South bound Talisman, 30th March 1985.



43094 on the 15:05 to Dundee, 20th June 1985.



In that first shot note the hoardings around the new Travel Centre still being built...


It wouldn't last as long as the HST!!


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11 hours ago, Claude_Dreyfus said:

Ah, okay. After zooming in on the picture, it looks like 43089. I thought that was going to the GCR(N).


from my notes:

43048 LGT 24/05

41057 LGT 24/05

40730 LGT 24/05

42111 LGT 24/05

41067 LGT 24/05

40741 LGT 24/05

42337 LGT 24/05

42119 LGT 24/05

42120 LGT 24/05

43089 LGT 24/05

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On 25/05/2021 at 21:20, 50002Superb said:

I think it’s owned by the 125 Group?


It is, and will be on it's way to Ruddington at some point. It's move to Butterly allows the group to access and work on it (whereas access was limited at Chaddesden). 

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