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Gort Station


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The hot weather has slowed progress. To do, yard fences, gates, signals, trees, livestock, people, cosmetic point rodding, a little more track airbrushing in parts of the yard, some telegraph poles about the station area.





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Gort ready for the next phase which is electricity poles, lighting, trees, station fencing and road weathering. And then finally servo operated signals. This will take some time.



  • Electricity Poles about the station area
  • Lighting - inside the buildings and street lamps
  • Deciduous Trees
  • Station fencing
  • Road weathering
  • Point rodding along the loop

Layout and this scene was inspired by a photo in the wonderful book "Rails through the West" by Jonathan Beaumont and Barry Carse.



Gort circa 1970. Buildings scratch built using plastic card and balsa using old photos to work out the building shapes and sizes. Gort had two iconic features, its dominant goods shed and its water tower.



Scene based on photo from Book "Rails Through the West" upon which this layout was built. Alas the HLV in 1970 was not fresh out of the carriage paint shop at inchicore (note to self weather that soon).



Looking forward to the final mile. But the divil is in the detail, not gonna rush the final few furlongs.

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Gort had a visitor arriving from Ennis hauling a branch train from Limerick to Athenry. Super precision runner could cross points super smoothly at speed step 1 of 28, looks as good as it runs. Welcome A23r to my Black'n'Tan heaven. Thank you Richie for this master piece, ya sometimes grumpy genius. Great end result, credit and thanks to everybody involved in the final product. Now the weathering powders are scheduled to come out to play



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A23r departs hauling the 15:10 branch working to tuam while B118 waits in the goods siding to follow 15mins later bound for Claremorris yard.



Drone footage in 1969??  A class and C class side by side. A23 about to depart with 15:10 Tuam branch train while B188 waits in the goods yard to follow shortly afterwards once the section has been cleared by Athenry box. C class B233 waits in the loop to run light engine to Limerick shed once A23r train clears the station limits.




A23r accelerates out in to the countryside with newly weathered 6 wheel HLV behind. That day glo orange had to go.


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On 04/10/2021 at 15:44, kirley said:

I love this layout, it gets better and better.

You are very kind sir.  Had some fantastic photos from a well known book to guide me. :) 

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