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Tracks to the Trenches - 13-15th July 2018

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Hi All,

Tracks to the Trenches - 13-15th July 2018

Apedale Valley Light Railway - North Staffordshire



Well, it's less than 2 weeks to go so I thought it was worth mentioning about the Third event in the First World War Centenary Trilogy at Apedale - which is a Narrow Gauge & Living History megafest.

On the modelling front, there are a vast array of Narrow Gauge military (mostly WW1 or related) model railways in 009, 1/35, O14, O16.5 & 16mm scale. A good range of traders and much more - including a display of highly detailed 16mm locos/stock from the famous the late Henry Holdsworth collection.

We are reliably informed that a pre-production sample of the forth coming LROD Hunslet 4-6-0T from Accucraft will be making an appearance too (potentially operating at some stage).

As if that wasn't enough - you may also get to see the 12":1ft real thing!

For the first time (and probably not repeated again for a long time) you'll be able to see Hunslet 4-6-0T, Baldwin 4-6-0T, Hudson 0-6-0WT, Kerr Stuart Joffre 0-6-0T, Brigadelok 0-8-0T all in action to a back drop of a sea of First World War living history groups/displays, Cavalry, Vehicles, Field Gun, Motor Rail 20hp (Wizz-Bang) Bent-frame locos, 40hp Tin Turtles and more original/authentic WW1 rolling stock than anywhere else. 

Many more details available on the event website - www.ww1-event.org


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