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Reverse engineering the NCE cab bus using the PowerCAB

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Shouldn't be a problem. Each cab/throttle has its own address and only responds when the controller polls that address. The controller remembers the state of each cab/throttle separately, so will associate each key press as it happens with the correct cab/throttle.

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On 28/07/2021 at 08:40, Ron Ron Ron said:



The NCE system was first introduced (as the Wangrow System One) in 1994.

27 years ago.



And there is a poor guy on Freiwald Forum trying to get a Wangrow and some occupancy detectors of the same period working with a new PC!


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Posted (edited)
On 31/07/2021 at 09:23, DonSn35Quixote said:

This  suggests the Cab06 replies to a ping from CMD with Select (49H) the a series of digits from button presses with the sequence ended with Enter (40H).  That is not a two byte response, and is not mentioned in any documentation I have uncovered. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone working on a project involving the NCE Cab Bus.  I intent to take the Irish approach (To be sure, to be sure to be sure) and confirm this advice by testing.


I suspect that your Cab06 will behave as described in the NEC bus protocol: keycodes will not be sent in a group; there are no responses other than the documented 2- and 5-byte response.


Most likely, your select-loco scenario will operate similarly to Ralf's documented select-accy scenario: the second example in his 2.2- Communication with the NCE ProCab section, where each keycode is sent in separate 2-byte responses to successive pings.  Note: Ralf says:

  • Lines in bold are communication from the cab to the command station.

  • Each byte is shown in hexadecimal without the 0x prefix followed by the corresponding ASCII letter when relevant.

  • I omit the “pings”, which precede each command station message.

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