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Dave Goodwin


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Just picked up the sad news that Dave Goodwin has passed away.  One of the 'Adavoyle' team in the 70's and 80's, Dave helped to pioneer some radical new ideas in chassis construction BITD along with some excellent rolling stock modelling for Adavoyle, Plemsworth, Mostyn  and other fine layouts.  He was an inspiration to me from when I first met him in the 70's and only this morning I was looking at his notes on the 'Adavoyle' methods of chassis construction.


RIP Dave, thanks for the memories!


More info. here -



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I got to know Dave via the HMRS when he was involved with the North West/Wirral area group and he invited me to show my I.C.I. Hopper slide show at one of their meetings in Birkenhead. A local connection being the Summers/BSC iron-ore hoppers from Bidston Dock to Shotton of course.


As I had no way of getting back home easily via Liverpool after giving the show he kindly offered to drop me off at Chester in enough time to get the last train home to Stockport. A pleasant model railway conversation later he dropped me off and wouldn't take anything for his fuel.


Some time later I followed up with another slide show using images from my uncles collection dating from the late 1970s and early 1980s. Let's just say they enjoyed the North Wales Coast 40s a lot!


RIP Dave



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Can't believe I missed this.


I knew Dave for many years as we were both members of the Merseyside MRS, then the Mostyn team and for a while WFRM, I've not seen him since I moved to Anglia in 2011 - Dave was a fantastic modeller and will be sadly missed.

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