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Billerbahn Oe tinplate

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Ah, I get it now. Clever.


Do you have this book?


If not, don’t be put off by the title, it’s a good pictorial summary of industrial narrow gauge in all applications during the 1930/40s, and includes many pictures that I’m sure you’d find inspiring.


Did you ever ride on the old line at Katwijk in the Netherlands? 








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On 11/08/2018 at 19:18, PaulRhB said:

Some of you may have seen the DHL farce I had in getting this collection that bolstered my existing few items.

Anyway it safely arrived and the three locos dully tested performed well leading to the idea of a small setup to run them on.


Billerbahn was manufactured from the 50's to late 70's in Germany and they produced a range based on Feldbahn (field railway) or industrial stock. More info and catalogues can be found on this excellent site.



This was the bundle I eventually got for a very reasonable price compared to the usual eBay offerings. The steam loco is missing its roof but apart from that it's all in lightly worn but good condition.



I am overjoyed to see this, it became something of an opportunity lost in my family.


My late Father worked for Ford and was regularly in Cologne on company business, his department was spread across Dagenham and the Cologne plant, this was during the 70s through to the early 80s.  He saw these in a toy shop in Cologne and never bought a set, something he regretted in hindsight, in fact judging from your notes it possibly disappeared from the shops, elbowed out by LGB which was pitched at children in Germany.


For full disclosure, I have to admit I was bought a lovely collection of Schuco tinplate clockwork cars, remember there was import duty to be paid on goods from Germany back then.


But thank you, you have resolved a bit of a mystery.



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