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Andrew Barclay 12inch "Piano" tank

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The instructions are a little limited don't even know what size wheels need to be fitted. so building might take some time.


Page 1 side elevation and a photo and a little historical detail


page 2  some history and photo of parts


page 3 a GA no dimensions


The etches and frames look ok  but frames will need drilling out for bearings, pickups etc



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Simple answer Yes. No point in everyone reinventing the wheel. The plan is to get them produced in the nylon that we use for our axle boxes, wagon bodies. There is a high resolution for realy fine stuff. more expensive by worth it for really fine stuff.  


Ian Middelditch (G&SWRA) said there were only a few left. So if you want one you might have to email him quickly 


I have just had 10mins trying to ID all the etched parts don't think I have missed many. As I build it I will write some instructions and post photos so if anyone else has some they can learn from my cockups. A friend of mine has also bought two and he is going to try and dig out some info on them.


I'm hoping to use the build to write a piece for the HMRS journal. I hoping to start once we have got back from the NEC in November. 



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Hi Guys,

There are only a few of the etches left and no more will be available when they are sold. They were designed by John Boyle when he did the G&SWRAs ‘Greenock Bogie’ kit and used up the spare etch space. The etches have been lying, forgotten about until recently.


The kit is for the basic version without a cab but can build the Kilmarnock Works Shunter if one is prepared to scratchbuild the cab. I did but chickened out of the elaborate paint job and produced a contractors loco.

Wheels on mine are a Slaters Barclay type but some locos had 6 spoke ones. The G&SWRA can supply a 7 mm drawing of the ‘Works’ version, contact me offline for more details.






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There is a photo of one of these in the latest Industrial Railway Record. I have the drawing from the G&SWR Association and plan to build one in 4mm.


Marc - are the parts going to be 3D-printed? I'm just wondering because I guess it's very easy to then also make them in 4mm if they are.

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Yes my intention is to 3D print that's the good news components smaller than 0.8 mm are a bit of a hassle as that the smallest I can produce things. I can do s site glass in 7mm but it's on the edge of what can be produced. Big bit are not a problem. So things like chimneys and domes are OK as they don't have flared bottoms



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On 01/04/2020 at 16:16, Perthshed said:

Hi, I too bought a set of etches for the G&SWR piano tank this week 01/04/2020 can you let me know which wheels i should use and if I can get some of the castings.

 Thanks,  Tony.

I am the G&SWRA person responsible for the sale of the etches.  All gone now. They were designed some time ago by John Boyle, not as a full kit but as an aid to scratch building, and utilised a bit of spare sheet on another kit. There were no mainframes on the etch so we commissioned  profile milled ones. Original drawings and information on early Barclay locomotives is thin on the ground so John put together a drawing from basic dimensions and photos. Purchasers of the etch got a copy of the drawing but part of it is reproduced here.6A120056-2A63-460E-AFB6-EDBCD0D4F8B4.jpeg.f7063794e8d10aee3f1accbf6281f776.jpeg

The wheels on these early locos were varied, on this example they were 3’ diameter , 6 spokes, but some had 8 spoked wheels of a different diameter.  Needless  to say there are no commercial wheels on the market which look anything like the originals. 


When we got the etches originally I used some of them to build a model of 258, which became the G&SWR Works shunter on completion of the Largs branch where it had served the contractors.  In actuality I didn’t finish it as ‘Works’ but made it a freelance loco which let me use the Slaters Barclay wheels.  See my post of September 18 above.  

However I still wanted to  build ‘Works’ which had 3’6”, 8 spoked, H section wheels, so during the Christmas holiday I made myself four wheels. I have now got the loco finished to painting stage, see below.


While I was in the mood for wheels, sounds like a song, I made a pattern for the 3’, 6 spoke, at the same time.  Currently away to be cast in resin but with the virus problem I don’t know when I will see the finished castings. I did however make one in solid brass just to see how it looked.








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Well its been some time coming but I'm finally making progress with the project. I now have my own HD 3D printer so I can do everything  apart from etching inhouse. One of the few benefits that have come from Covid.  I have redrawn the whole kit in 3D, or I will have by the end of next week.


Those people who bought the etches I should have 3D parts in production before Christmas. For a chimney, filler cap and safety valves the cost is £25 + £3.5 postage.


For those put off by the etch construction I'm hopefully going to have a kit ready by late spring.  The top will mainly 3D printed with the sheeting in 18thou NS. The chassis will be 18thou NS with FS and S7 spacer and springing options. 


I'm hoping also to produce the correct wheels for it but this some time off  as I don't access to my lathe.


Once I have finished the 3D CAD model I will post the images



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I have been going through the works order book and I have found this 

No       Desp date    Type         Cyls (ins)       DW ft/ins   Gauge      Owner when new

31        1.1.1865       0-4-0ST    OC 12x20     3’6                 Std          Caledonian Railway Co 

32        1.1.1865       0-4-0ST    OC 12x20     3’6                 Std          Caledonian Railway Co 

54        1.12.1866     0-4-0ST    OC 12x20     3’6                 Std          Glasgow & South Western Railway

55        30.1.1867     0-4-0ST    OC 12x20     3’6                 Std          Glasgow & South Western Railway

81        27.1.1869     0-4-0ST    OC 12x20     3’6                 Std          Caledonian Railway Co 

85        1.11.1869     0-4-0ST    OC 12x20     3’6                 Std          Glasgow & South Western Railway

91        12.4.1870     0-4-0ST    OC 12x20     3’6                 Std          Caledonian Railway Co 

95        7.1.1870       0-4-0ST    OC 12x20      3’6                Std          Glasgow & South Western Railway

96        9.10.1870     0-4-0ST    OC 12x20      3’6                Std          Glasgow & South Western Railway

103    18.11.1870     0-4-0ST    OC 12x20      3’6               Std           Caledonian Railway Co 

144     16.4.1874     0-4-0ST     OC 12x20       3’6               Std          Tredegar Ironworks [damaged in transit and purchased by GSWR]

149     27.6.1874      0-4-0ST    OC 14x20       3'                 Std          Caledonian Railway Co  


I knew about the 149 going to the Cally as I have a photo I knew the G&SWR had one but the rest are a bit of a mystery.



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