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Great Railway Modelling TV Programme


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I thought Ian Morrison’s comments on last night’s Great Model Railway Challenge, were interesting.

Clearly the Missenden Modellers cannot produce good modelling on the spot, and tried to illustrate that they were above any rules laid down by the programme makers.

Barry their captain for me had an arrogant attitude, claiming, that his team was going to win right from the start

.........what a come down...and Kathy Millatt’s final comments about his team, really put them in their place!


One of the other Captains Malcolm, who led the team Strangers on a Model Train, for me, summed up the Scratch Build Challenge,

as totally stupid, pointing out that we are model makers and not clowns as he had misgivings about the challenge.


I had looked forward to the programme helped by reading the articles in the last two editions of the Railway Modeller and feel the “judges are out” on this one.


I hope it doesn’t do our great hobby any displeasure, in not seeing more modelling action rather the contestants playing to the camera.

Ian’s comment about the similarity of the contestants, thinking they were on the Apprentice is great and I would sum up the Missenden Modellers as.... you are fired!!


Keith Gowen


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