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Andrew Martin's railway novels


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Sorry to start another thread about railway crime novels, but I must recommend Andrew Martin's Jim Stringer books. Mr. Martin's dad was a career railway manager based at York which I would think was distinctly helpful - and not just the free travel.....

The books in order are as follows:

1. The Necropolis Railway 

2. The Blackpool Highflyer 

3. The Lost Luggage Porter

4. Murder at Deviation Junction

5. Death on a Branch Line

6. The Last Train to Scarborough

7. The Somme Stations

8. The Baghdad Railway Club

9. Night Train to Jamalpur

I was first turned on to Mr. Martin by the Necropolis Railway book - extremely atmospheric. He's got better as he's gone on, and in my probably biased opinion he's a better stylist than Marston.  Would be interesting to see if other RMWeb denizens have read his stuff. By the way, he has done the odd railway programme on BBC4 if the name sounds familiar. 


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Many thanks for the recommendation, I'm always interested to read new authors.  I have always enjoyed the easy reading of Marston, particularly good bed-time reading, so if this is better I shall be delighted.  Thank you.

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I agree, not to knock the Marston series, but I too think these are actually better. Although the plots are possibly less "linear", which might not suit everybody.


Coincidentally I am just finishing Andrew Martin's "Night Trains" which I am really enjoying. In this (factual) book his father and his railway connections are relevant and feature quite significantly at the beginning of the "story", highly recommended.



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