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The Idea


Wyvern Road is on the outskirts of an Industrial town near the English and Welsh border. 2 running lines become 3, and then 4 after which continue round a curve to the main station in the town (entrance to hidden sidings). Emphasis on Freight block trains, Passenger services by Arriva Trains Wales and First Great Western (GWR) with a handful of HST’s running to Paddington.


I must admit that I will be borrowing ideas from my favourite layouts:-

Leaway Park - I like the 4 tracks at one end going round with the suggestion of a large station (fiddle yard)

Hayley Mills - Holding trains on straight section on the front of the layout while another pass.

Mostyn - The space between the up and down running lines and the intense operation

Russell Bridge - The fantastic Urban and Industrial setting.



It’s Home


I am very lucky to have a Hobby Room and have recently built baseboards covering 19ft x 9ft







Prototype Inspiration



















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I had a chance to do a little track laying this week



The furthest track will be the up line, then the wooden sleeper track is the up loop. The gap is where the down loop used to be (before rationalisation), and then the down line.



Looking the other direction, where the 3 tracks become 2.

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Have been continuing with the track laying and made good progress


This is Foundry Junction where the 3 tracks become x4, the track to be added to the point will be a single Engineers Siding



I couldn’t resist getting some stock out to see how it would look with trains on the layout





I am very happy with my progress to date.


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Looking good......

I don't know the area you're modelling but from your teaser photo's of real trains it should be both fun to operate & just sit & watch trains go by....


Added to watch list & will follow with interest......


Cheers Bill

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That full length HST looks the dogs... You know. Should be good for getting all the interesting parts of the current scene in.


RRAP on the down main? Seems likely if you've got an engineer's siding. Though maybe it would be there rather then on the main.

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Looking like a nice project Nigel - and that's a fantastic railway room you've got there. I'm looking forward to seeing the layout develop, and with the prototype background you're basing it on and inspirational layouts you mentioned, it's going to be a cracker! 

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Decided to go for 2 small sidings with a catch point, to add a bit of interest and brake up just trains going round and round. I kind of imagine that there was originally a much larger yard but scaled back when wagonload traffic ceased. It will be a good place for my hattons Rail Head Treatment Train to go into when it’s this time of year.




I know that there not to everyone’s taste, but I have altered the name on this scenecraft western signal box.




So that’s all the track in the scenic section finished.




I have my friend Steve Adcock visiting for the weekend, so a temporary 4 track hidden sidings has been laid so we can run some trains in the Hobbyroom. Steve was responsible for such classic layouts. Russell Bridge (BR around the Middlesbrough area) which graced the exhibition circuit in the 1990’s, and the Ansell Ferry (a huge US outline layout based in the Chicago area).

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