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Differences between GWR Peckett 1143 & 1145

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Hi All,
     I  was wondering if anyone out there can help me with the following ....
     I have built one of the Agenoria / CSP  Peckett's for GWR 1143,  it has turned out in my opinion as a beautiful model. 
     The following link is a photo of the built 1143 ....
I am hoping to build another, 1145, but I am aware there are some differences between the two engines, although of the same class. .
I am hoping people maybe able to tell me all the differences between the two engines ..... please ?
I am aware of the following,   1145. had a different Dome, different Tank Filler and a Tank Breather . It also had Peckett Injectors and a straight handrail on the smokebox.
Are there more differences, and does anybody know where maybe I could purchase the different Dome, etc ??
Many thanks, 


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There's a pic of both in H.C. Casserleys book 'Steam Locomotives of British Railways' ( a real handy volume) as 968 & 1098. If you have a pic of 1151, that had a similar dome/safety valve as 1145.


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