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Hornby class 08/09 complete, chassis or repairs!

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A few of you may be aware that I have a newer style Hornby class 08 that is in need of repairs. I was running the loco into a siding when the centre coupling rod on one side somehow became detached from the wheels. This then resulted in the wheels jamming and buckling, and both sets of coupling rods becoming bent. I was able to remove the body and the motor (I have bent the copper contacts in the process though), but wasn't able to get to the wheels. I decided the safest option, all things considered, was to seek a completely new chassis unit (even though the fault is only with the wheels and coupling rods), or to try and get it repaired professionally, as I don't feel confident enough to tackle it myself, even if I had all the parts, I'd rather not make a mess of it. After I got nowhere trying to find anywhere that may sell a complete chassis, and being quoted a very high price for potential repair, I thought I'd contact Hornby direct, as I'd had locos repaired with them in the past, but this was before the factory in Westwood closed. However, I was very pleased to find out that they do still carry out repairs, at a different site. A case number was created, and the loco was posted off - the postage being covered out of my own pocket. 


However, I have had contact back from them, and they say they will 'regrettably' not be repairing the loco as 'it needs a lot of work' and they do not have the parts in. I suspect it's more a case of they can't be bothered as it's not worth their time. Surely the manufacturer of the product can get onto the factory in China and have parts sent over in their next order? Anyway, the loco is being returned to me in an unrepaired state. For reference, the parts they say I need are:


X9372M wheels
X9374 chassis base (I don't believe this, there's nothing wrong with it)
X9369 side rods
X9375 contacts
This has left me feeling frustrated, disappointed and very let down, as I felt it was my last resort, and I thought surely they would be able to repair it as I didn't think it would be that complicated to swap the parts over. I've also wasted the postage costs with nothing to show for it. 
I don't have a lot of money, and certainly can't afford to buy a new shunter at circa £120, as that's a hell of a lot of money, but I'm left with one of favourite locos broken and unusable. 
So, I'm after a replacement class 08 or 09 (will consider any, as long as it's in good or 'as new' working condition, but would prefer either a green or dual-braked example), or a new complete chassis that I can use my loco body (nothing wrong with that) on, or I'm seeking out anyone that feels they may be able to repair it for me, as long as the cost isn't too expensive.
For any of the above, as part of it I can offer some Hornby tank wagons, Lima coaches (with Hornby bogies) and various wagon and coach wheels in part exchange if it would help keep monetary costs at a sensible price, after this farce I'm just a bit desperate and throwing myself upon people's mercy, as I don't know what else I can do.
Many thanks for reading, please pm me if you feel you can help in any way, even if it's just advice or a recommendation, or seeking more details.
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