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Cavalex Models All new RTR BBA wagon in 4mm scale


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17 minutes ago, Grimleygrid said:


Good afternoon John,


Production is well underway and progressing nicely.

We are hoping that production will be completed within the next month or so. Once production has been completed we will then have a better idea of when the models will arrive in the UK.

We will of course keep everyone updated with further progress.



Thank you for your update. 

Best wishes 


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Hi due to a customer changing scales we have 8No excess pre-order BBA's available for anyone who would like to take over purchase of the set.


Please drop us an email at [email protected] if you are interested and we will transfer the sale on a first come first serve basis.




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1 hour ago, 37501 said:

Hi Cav and Alex,


Is there any update on the arrival of the BBAs please?

Really looking forward to these.






Good evening John,


Production of the BBAs has been completed and we are just awaiting an update from the factory regarding shipping.

We hope to have more information on an ETA next week and will provide an update as soon as we possibly can.


Hope that helps.

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BBAs are on the way!




We are delighted to announce that our forthcoming BBA and BLA wagons are on their way from China.

We have emailed all customers regarding postage and delivery address confirmation, however if you have not received an email from us please could you contact us.


Thanks again to everyone who has supported the project - we can’t wait for the wagons to arrive!

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1 hour ago, Satan's Goldfish said:

Hi guys, just pinged you an email ref postage payment, I did reply to the first one but suspect it got lost in a void somewhere. Hopefully you've received this one but thought I'd mention it on here just to make sure.


Cheers, Matt :)


Hi Matt, 


Thanks for your message and email.

We have received your email. Email has been a bit busy with traffic recently so thanks for your message.


Best Regards


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14 minutes ago, owentherail said:

I'm looking out for post man already...... lol, 

Seriously tho, as the stantions are brass are they easily bendable as per real wagon.

Is Rails BLAs here too? 




Hi Owen,


You might want to give the postman a couple of days!!


The stanchions were designed to be produced in brass so that they could be reshaped as per the prototype.

Yes the BLAs have also arrived.


Hope that helps.



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9 hours ago, Clagsniffer said:

Will the wagons be delivered by the weekend???? I do hope so, really looking forward to these!!!




Good morning,


We are working our way through the orders and they will be dispatched as soon as possible.

Please bear with us!!




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6 hours ago, MRDBLUE17 said:

Hi Alex,


These look splendid you and Cav have done a great job making these. They have arrived before track work is completed on the new layout so need to get cracking on so they can get a run.


all the best



Hi Mark,


Thanks for your kind words, Cav and I are very pleased with how they have turned out.


You have a few days to get the track work finished!!! Best get cracking and at pace!!


I look forward to seeing the BBAs behind those Thornaby 37/5s!



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