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Stewart Hine


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It’s with very great sadness that we have to announce the death of Stewart Hine aged 90. After a short period of illness during which he was cared for in Northwick Park hospital, Stewart died peacefully in the early hours of Saturday 27th October.


Stewart was a founder member of the 2mm Scale Association and served as the 2mm Magazine Editor in the 1960s and later as Assocation Chairman. His interests were wide. Professionally he was an electronics engineer but he was skilled in many things, mechanical engineering, painting, writing, photography, sailing and classic cars, to mention just a few. As new technologies came along, he grasped them with enthusiasm, one time being featured on BBC television assembling photo-etched components he designed himself.


As well as 2mm, Stewart was active in 3mm, 4mm (notably at Pendon) and gauge 1, amongst others. While a passionate GWR enthusiast, he didn’t stop there. He made 2mm scale models of the Dutch RTM tramway and, notably, Caledonian Road tube station, which is an enduringly popular feature on Copenhagen Fields. Memorably, he contributed significantly to Bob Symes’ gauge 1 working diesel electric and diesel hydraulic locos. To encourage the modelling of 2mm scale coaching stock, Stewart provided the Association with the Dreadnaught Trophy.


Pendon was a great interest of Stewart’s, having joined the team in the latter part of the 1950s. As well as contributing models of rolling stock, he designed the high frequency coach lighting system and a very sophisticated controller, which Stewart later produced commercially as the “Pentroller” – still sought after today.


Nothing ever seemed to daunt Stewart. If something was not available, he’d set to and make it himself and if it had a wider application, the results would be made available to others, either as a product or written up in an article enabling others to follow in his footsteps.


Stewart’s bibliography of published articles is immense, both in the UK and overseas. He wrote fluently and clearly, it being a pleasure to read one of his articles. Sometimes his forthright opinions would generate much subsequent correspondence in the letters pages but the debate was always conducted in a gentlemanly manner with an amicable conclusion.


For those fortunate to visit Stewart at home in Harrow, deep in the heart of “Metroland”, it was invariably a fascinating experience to see his latest project. An approach to Stewart for assistance in some modelling matter would be met unfailingly. Indeed, his GWR 2mm models were much borrowed to provide rolling stock when working 2mm finescale motive power was thin on the ground.


Although in recent years, health problems restricted Stewart somewhat, he still attended and contributed to 2mm events.


He leaves a legacy that few could ever emulate. Stewart will be much missed and we give thanks for a life well lived.




The foregoing was written by me for the forthcoming 2mm newsletter so it does have something of a 2mm scale slant but as mentioned, Stewart's interests were very wide indeed. I was fortunate to know Stewart personally so it's with a great sense of loss that I'm posting this obituary.



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I remember Stewart visiting South Devon MRS a few times back in it's early days usually bringing along one or two of his latest projects. Once he brought along a 2mm scale cat he'd made - this was long before such things were available commercially.

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How sad, thank you for sharing the information.


As you say, a great writer and with talents that covered a very wide range, from art through to great technicality, just amazing.


In recentish years I had been more interested in his Gauge One thoughts, from a few years ago now, but over my modelling life I have always enjoyed and latterly looked out for anything he has written.


A life well lived as you say.



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Here are some photos of Stewart's 2mm scale RTM tramway models. The locos run on extensively modified Marklin chassis, regeared with a much higher reduction and the coach is built using teak veneer on a clear plastic shell.












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