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Melton Mowbray and District Model Engineering Society

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Just a brief update on this little known society. We are looking to raise our profile slightly and a couple of members have been having extra working parties to improve the track site ready for next years running days. 


we generally run on the Third Sunday of each month and visitors are welcome either with or without an engine. usual rules apply!


We have just created a Facebook page which is visible even to those that aren't users on Facebook, This will be updated with news and events from the club. If you are on facebook give the page a like to keep abreast of the news!



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Today we launch our new website. This will be fully populated with more images and information over the coming weeks.

Now featured online is our calendar for the first half of the year along with membership details.

All feedback welcome


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I had known of the society for some time, but only found out when and where the running days were.


Well worth a look.2019_0116GranthamSteamFair2010007.JPG.dcc7c31cc1522eb0a584bb24a34eb16e.JPG


Singapore at rest. I have just started volunteering at 'Rocks by Rail', the old Rutland Railway Museum, where Singapore is resident.




This Class 20 had stunning on-board sound. Very much JLTRT



There were about 6 locos in steam, most from the resident club, with some visitors from Bedford, I believe.


A great welcome and a very friendly and chatty bunch. Within 10 minutes, I had been handed the controls of a 37, and told to get on and get on with it!





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Glad you enjoyed it Ian. I was there that morning on my little green saddle tank (the one that wasn't Singapore).

Do come over again. Our next running is the 17th of Feb. 


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