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Phil Parker

BRM Express - 30th November 2018

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Great interview with Mr K at Hornby, thanks :)


Hi.  Has there been a BRM Express since 30th Nov 2018?  Something I read about the 2019 Cakebox Challenge suggested there has been - if so it looks like I didn't manage to register correctly when I tried updating my preferences in my World-of-Railways account at the end of November as I've not had anything.  I asked the question on the cakebox challenge thread as I couldn't find a generic BRM Express topic / thread to use but should probably have posted it here instead, sorry.  I have checked for spam - in my email and kitchen cupboards...

I had to create a new Warner's account with a different email address as although I had one for my subs, no matter what I ticked I couldn't get the Express emails. New account works fine.

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Just sent a PM as I too seem to be missing out on the mailing.

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