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5 hours ago, richard.h said:

Thanks very much for the info guys it's much appreciated and will be looked into.


It's amazing how things change so quickly with this virus, I was just thinking it has been 20+ years since I was in that part of the country and now with the quarantine news it is going to another year, the holiday is cancelled until 2021.

Rubbish luck with the cancellation. Hopefully things will be better in 2021! 

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Kadee Shuffle

  I really like the Kadee coupling system and the advantages it brings to a layout but I wanted the uncoupling magnets to be invisible where possible so as not to spoil the track appearance.

 To achieve this I experimented with different types an strengths of magnets.


The first type, rod magnets worked OK on Locos and Coaches but the power was too concentrated for light weight wagons which the magnets tended to tip over so I used these in the Station for mainline trains, the advantage being that they could be fitted after tracklaying and are invisible with a light covering of ballast.




The second type, square plate magnets proved the answer for shunting trucks as they had a larger but less concentrated magnetic field so they can be set lower into the track ballast but they have to be fitted before the track is laid.




There is a demo video to follow this once I get it loaded in.

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Kadee Shuffle with Wonky Uprights


I filmed this video with my new camera which can record in High Definition and Dolby Sound, (that's progress!)  unfortunately I didn't realise until afterwards that in this mode it uses a compression system which results in fine vertical edges  becoming blurred when not in central focus, see the signal bracket and lamp posts.

So I'm afraid it will be back to shooting in its MP-4 mode for  indoor model railway videos in future.







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Posted (edited)

To compliment the video here are some photos of the J11 shunting.498520218_IMG_3149(3).JPG.b2ede9a23b88351c08d3e4b7aa55de88.JPG



I have recently had a lot of my original lighting starting to fail so rather than just replace them I thought I would investigate using LED lighting strips instead.




The brightness is fully adjustable so the you can simulate different times of day and create shadows.




You can also gradually change from cold white to warm colour light or any mix in between  which gives a large range of effects not just for photography but to create a different atmosphere for the layout and these two photos show the extremes of the range.



Edited by richard.h
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There has always been a corner of the layout devoted to Mr Dibnah's  Traction Engine Workshop and business has been good lately so he has gone and bought a new Land Rover.






It's a bit modern for the time period but weathered down a bit it doesn't look too out of place.



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Over the past few months I have been buying Coke Wagons, 2-3 at a time in order to build up a complete train.

The weathering starts off with the same pattern distressing the lettering on older type wagons using a fibre glass pencil and painting in some of the raves to simulate repaired sections.



The next stage is to spray the chassis with frame dirt and the bodies with dirty black.




Then I bring in the variations by using a blend of different colours each time, mud, oil, grease, rust etc.


This particular batch have been treated with dark rust  to the solebar and halfway up the body sides which is typically shown on old photos.




When all the different wagons are then put together you have a set where no two wagons are the same..




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In the few years since I have been fitting sound systems to my locos there have been dramatic improvements in speaker technology which means of course big improvements in sound quality.


Since I don't have a workshop with milling machinery  I have always been limited by having to install a speaker that would fit in the space available so for my latest acquisition there was just enough room to fit a Boom-Box speaker.


So here is the Limited Edition Deltic Prototype (East Coast Mainline Version) with sound system installed at factory settings, you can turn it down!





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