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Does anybody have a copy of the 2mm FS journal article about converting the Farish 2-8-0 Austerity to finescale  they can scan for as I seem to have mislaid the magazine with the article in it! Has anybody else attempted to convert this loco? any help or suggestions gratefully appreciated

Many thanks Ian Galloway    

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Hi Ian,


Turning the tyres off the Farish wheels and adding Association tyres is covered in the Aug/Sept 2014 issue whilst the actual conversion is covered in Apr/May 2016. Both are available in the Members' area of the 2mm Scale Association website.


Nick's looks lovely with the Farish wheel centres, but for those of us without the skills or tools the etched inserts work very well. My brother Andy has converted one and the key things seem to be being prepared to open out the crankpin holes in the coupling rods due to the extra slop in the Farish chassis and as with all Walschaerts fitted locos ensuring return cranks and the crank pin to which they are attached are firmly fixed.



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