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Ernies 7mm Brighton Works - Stops and Fishplates

The Bigbee Line

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The walls have a capping on the top. I’ve roughed one out of a few layers of card as a trial. I think I will treat with a couple of layers of shellac, then give it a sand. The brick pillars need to be built next. 




I need a visual feature next to the stops.  Here is my inspiration. 



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Where has the time gone......


Brighton Works has sat as a shelf in my home office, buried in stuff.


It is had its 2021 spring clean and will be used as a test bed for a few ideas.  One of which is my use of Laminate Floor Underlay to represent brickwork...


Below you can see a test section, the relief is created by adding layers of mounting card under the sctions that need it.  I will paint with some really stinky red oxide primer, then play with some light washes...



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