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P2K Covered Hopper - 2 Bay

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Another posting!


I’ve always enjoyed plastic kit building and the Proto2000 3 bay covered hopper has been a favourite because of it’s good quality.  However, it doesn’t seem to have been everyone’s favourite and I’ve collected a fair number of kits at very good prices.  However, at 12 number built and 4 remaining un-built, even I’d come to a limit on three bay hoppers, until I came across this example in one of the Morning Sun X Car volumes. 


Microscale Genstar container decals (although I’ve struggled for smaller lettering for the “cement” wording written below Genstar  – these are former Calaveras Cement Hoppers).  Straightforward cut and shut with minor mods to the kit pieces and angle reinforcement inside.  Needed a new roof from plasticard and I cut down Plano walkways to suit (the P2K kit walkway could also be cut to fit).   I utilised spare hopper hatches from a Detail Associated 2 Bay covered hopper kit - they need toning down having looked at the photo.  I’ve struggled to find these hopper hatches as a separate item – they use to be available as DA 6218.  Therefore I’m hoping the 9mm hole punch on order from eBay will allow me to progress the remaining 3 P2K kits into further 2 bay covered hoppers.

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Some work in progress for the remaining three un-built kits





Side on view showing cuts and redundant bulkhead.  The left hand section has one less rib - this is the reason for cutting off the bulkhead.  I used a razor saw for the initial two cuts, and then used a sharp knife down the redundant rib to remove the bulkhead (and then filed the two pieces until I was happy with the new joint).





A vertical view....




First pass gluing together with equally spaced ribs.




Internal view.  This time I fixed the ballast weight in first, before gluing in the angle reinforcements..........







I'm not sure how clear this picture is?  New roof from plasticard.  I used 1/4" tube on the first conversion which didn't work as well as I wanted (plus the Details Assoc access hatches have a curved profile to suit their curved roofs so I had problems getting them to sit level).  This time I've used 1/8" tube with an M4 washer.  I'm pleased with the hole punch off eBay and the new hatches are just slightly bigger than the washer, so I think they will look better than the first model.


Two of the models are painted and decal'd, and are ready for assembly (although that will probably take me another 4-6 weeks before they're finished). 



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Further progress with second conversion - SOO 100150




I'm pleased with the way the roof hatches have turned out using the hole punch.  I used the latches from the P2K kit for the latches for the new hatches.  I will probably lower the hatches on the first conversion I did (ie the Genstar) 





I didn't go a bundle on the weathering.  Bit on the roof, and a bit on the discharge hoppers.





The inspiration.  Photo from the car window at Burlington WI, 8th Oct 99.  A poor photo of WC2057 was better than none, and years later I've also got a picture of a genuine PS 2 bay hopper conversion so it was a no-brainer.  I have a series of poor photos but when I look back through them now I've actually caught some interesting details within them.





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