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Hello from a cold but sunny Surrey

Andy MRE

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Hello... I'm Andy; I may have spoken to some of you via my website - modelrailwayengineer.com. It's up for voting in the BMRA (hurrah!) so thought I'd finally get around to registering here :)


I build layouts in N, OO, 009 and HOe in DC and DCC, usually around Cornish mining themes although I have also an OO gauge NetworkSE layout on the go. 


I enjoy the scenery and industrial (mine, docks etc) modelling aspects the most although building Arduino controlled animations around the layout also occupies my time.


It's great to finally be here and looking forward to chatting with you.


Cheers, Andy


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Hi Andy - welcome to RMweb.


If you get a chance, maybe we could see some of your work? (Personally I'd love to see the NSE layout in progress!).


All the best,




Hi, yeah, I'll get around to posting something soon. A full time job, family, maintaining the blog and it's FB group etc leaves me with very little time but I'll try and get something up shortly.

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