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Green Scene - two firms or a sale?

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Can anyone shed any light on this?


On Friday I received the preview e-mail about the Doncaster show. Further down the page I spotted an advert for GreenScene, no great surprise as I know they (John & Pat from Worcester) normally go to Doncaster to trade (and often demonstrate) but I noticed they mentioned their products were plastic free, that was a new (to me) angle and I clicked on the link. I was rather surprised to be taken to a web-site I did not recognise, with a postal address near Doncaster. On checking, the [Worcester] firm's web-site was still available and seems to be working, though does not list any exhibitions for 2019. Looking at the BRM site's lists, there's only one entry for GreenScene - but the traders list link takes you to the [Doncaster web-site] and the demonstrators list to the [Worcester web-site]. 


Does anyone know if the Worcester GreenScene has sold the business or if the Doncaster GreenScene is a new business with the same name? (And taken the Worcester GreenScene's place at Doncaster)? 

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I don't generally go onto forums as i have very little spare time !!!

We have definately NOT sold our business to anyone and indeed have no connection whatsoever in this other company.

I am a little concerned that selling natural products such as seeds or animal feeds may well encourage rodents to feast on your latest endeavours

But i obviously leave you to make your own choices !!!



Green Scene

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Both companies had stands at Doncaster - which caused me a momentary double take.... In addition John from Green Scene was demonstrating scenic techniques including static grass.

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18 hours ago, ColinK said:

Now that is a new idea - edible layouts. Don’t think it will catch on though.


When it comes to layouts I'm not sure there's much that animals won't have a go at. When I was a kid I had a Superquick church on my layout, which acquired a somewhat St. Mary's and All Saints, Chesterfield look to the spire after our cat decided it would be worth a chew. 



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