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A fictional Eastpoint Station BR 1960's

calvin Streeting

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2 hours ago, Martin S-C said:

Very nicely done Calvin, though some blighter seems to have nicked a couple of critical bits and its not pumping up much water at the moment!


lol... mildly acurate for kent, all metal has to be bolted down... but i found them late last night.. :) after spending hours looking . to then be told by better half that they where put on the shelf. when she found it on the floor.. :) 

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after a few busy days managed to get started on other canal wall.. (ts missing top stone layer as this will be layed after to align with the cobbled yard surface. :) with track inserted





its a daz clay rollled flat and with PVA stuck to a hardboard back and left under a wieght until dry. then scribed with a small xmas cracker special bradle :)





like the bodge job the owner of a certian pub on drainage :) 



i then check hieght with my 2 ply and plastic blue tack which is set at proposed water level :)




A final dry brush on top will come when kerb stones are on.. and the ground will be silted with clay (esp near pub part) :) 

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decided to take a break tidy up, clean the track and actually run some trains :) manualy in loops, while i shunted some trucks in the yard and test the magnetic solinoid couplerings of the yard loco


i hope to try and do some filming to show the automated (train movements, signals, platform anouncments, enviroments and building lighting), aspect of this layout. and document here so you can see it in full swing.





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track a bit cleaner.. :) so fired up the auto mode.. and just played railtrack dealing with dead spots, derails and good old signal failures.. 


this is filmed using timlapse 2x speed



To explain how and what is going on :) i use Rocrail on a Pi-3 connected to digitrack controler via usb, this controls locoIO's (hdl version).

Once layout is drawn and all block (amp detectors) turnouts (servos) and signals (servo or led) are setup (including the ever so important green direction symbols), rocrail automatically works out all posible routes.






then with loco types defined, and place in relevent blocks i can either drag loco from one platfom (block) to another and if all is clear the pi will switch all turnouts one by one along the route, set signal to go. A mp3 of guard whistle crys out from speaker under board followed by the relevent platform anouncement (text to speach) one final double guard whistle and loco pulls away. when it enters the desired destination block (detected by amp detocotor) it will slow to mid speed, and when hiting stop amp detector it comes to a stop. see the yellow routes in progress




then i can put it in Auto mode loco by loco and it will randomly route locos from block to block with no interferance from me (apart from my role as railtrack workman). i can if chose also put one loco into manual mode and run it by had as directed by the layout, but it till dose signals, and turnouts. so i become a driver only and have to stop when needed etc.

in full auto mode the layout can run 5 to 6 locos and still kepp things moving and not grid locked :) 


also along with that are the lights that are controled by the clock and auto tun on and off at relevent times, and every 30 mins the led lighing in the room changes to the time of day. 



and here is a timelapse of the lighting. 


this all can be done from phone with feet up and a cup of coffee.. and hopefully no railtrack issues. :)


but alas today i lost one loco :( so time to strip it down and find out whats wrong, and try and fix it 




next project (apart from finish it) is look at posible projection mapping for sky, trees in breaze and other stuff, conceptal tests are looking good :) 


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So While waitng for various bits of wall to dry, I fired up a old projector and tryed simple projection mapping, to see if i could get a sky working, so here i simply pointed the projector at back wall, and did no stretching, and masking of videos (see "VTp Projection mapping" on youtube for info) but basically you would have seen projection mapping used on sides of buildings at events like New years celebrations, 



My plan is to sort out a newer (not so noisey) projector, in fact 2 in sync and and some movement in the river water, and  in the trees, (like a suttle breaze), Other options include smoke from chimneys, washing moving on the line in back garderns, birds etc. I also want to see if other weathers will work like snowing, fog, rain, with 2 videos one on ground of rain hiting it and one in sky of rain falling. The machine will be playing ambient sounds of the day and controling all enviomental aspects leaving the main machine to only deal with train movemnet, signaling etc.


The hole idea of layout was a interactive lamp in room to sit and watch or play with :)  


now back to finishing the wall.. :) 


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  • 2 weeks later...

ok so after a lot of think about what is next and what has to happen for that to happen etc... The main aim here is to add static grass to a embankment, pump house back yard, and old canal warehouse hard standing, needless to say still not reached the grass stage :)


Step 1

glue down  and solder drops onto the  yard entrance track, wharfe entrance and coach sideings. and coat with a spray of matt black.



while that was drying, i got distracted and drew and printed some parts for "queen anne's back yard" 2 brew kettles, and water holder, with fire door, and wood store. they make thier own ale, not sure if its any good. :)




then came the balasting, i dont mind doing this as kalms the brian. but i did realise i needed to sort out hte hed shunt tempoary platform (added when station was alltered and a new plaform  1 and 2 came with the line out of the cutting. also added some stools for point rodding that will go to a main lever frame on the gorund at the end of woodern platform.  



this is old school match stick and wood glue building :) painting in matt black as i go. the surface will be woodern coffee sttiring sticks




it dons't 100% follow same hieght as main platform, but i dont mind a step, to show adaption over time



and thus layed all the balast i wanted atm, you can see where i will go to hard standing and coach shed (treacle grit pot) and cobbles for wharfe entrance.(diff slepper partern will be under cobbles.)


and after 1 pot of copydex water and whashing liquid, a lot of time with a 100m syring i got it glued down and once dry masked of and sprayed with dark brown for grime, (hopeing this colour will work with desial, electric and steam. :) also some point rodding printed of and in place .. :)





next pva and dryed dirt for areas under platform and embankment, in prep for the erm grass.. (oh yea :))


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  • 1 month later...

update been busy but managed to do some stuff... :)  on the south end of baord



wired up the pump house, Queen Anne Pub, and yard office lights temporarly before i build some more mosfet switches etc.. need more light here so might have to move spot lights 



and started on incline from station level to canal wharf.  Lots more cobbles to press and coach shed to design and build.




but lower yard track started to be laid and wired up, but need to build or get a  DCC auto polarity switch as yard is feed by both sides of main loop and thus + - issues etc. :) 




also manged to finish off the head shunt tempoary woodern platform surface (woodern coffe stir sticks) and do the static grass :) but need to sort ground lever frame.


so lots more little A, B, then C jobs and working out if D or EFG is next :) i am sure you lot understand that. 





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Calvin. Just seen this thread after you posted on the AnyCubic thread. Very atmospheric layout. I particularly like the pub, it really looks like it is hundreds of years old. Also the street scene of the houses on the hill is very atmospheric. Too many layouts for my liking have too neat and square buildings that could have been built yesterday. Hey, even my 1997 house hasn't got square rooms ;)


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7 hours ago, Alan_LSWR said:

really looks like it is hundreds of years old

Thanks :) that was the plan. I also am not a fan of straight lines, and try and put subtle curves in all roads, paths etc. I like it as it makes people lean round to see a view. Kind of guiding the eye to what I want you to see at the angle I want like Capability Brown did with his gardens:)

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