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Oxford Rail announce J27 at Toy Fair

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30 minutes ago, drmditch said:

From what I now remember, the inside of the splashers had to be thinned quite a lot, as did the 'inside join' between the splashers and the footplate.  Where the white metal got very thin I reinforced it with two-part epoxy.


I didn't have a detailed drawing (other then the R M Beattie one from an old RM), and the early drawing in Ken Hoole's 'Illustrated History of NER Locomotives. As far as I could work out, the basic Nu-cast castings were/are quite accurate. The key dimensions I took the the RCTS 'Green Book'), and amongst other things that gives the pitch of the boiler. This, with the aid of a jig or two lining up with the centre hole of the smokebox door, allows one to get to the boiler height. Then it was a matter of offering up, fettling and fitting.


The brass frames made up quite well. I had to modify them a bit to fit a motion plate, slide bars etc. I use a live locomotive chassis, with the tender live to the other side, and an insulated drawbar. None-the-less, I also fit 'wiper' contacts to as many other wheels as I can. This seems to help with small locomotives!


Certainly, I'm much happier with mine now than I was with it's first iteration and runs quite nicely.




Fab thank you. I may be back for more info haha.


Cheers, Paul.

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2 hours ago, Bishdurham said:

Hi Paul,


I worked at W&H at the time so it would have been Romford's  5' 1 1/4" works out to about 21mm and a 40:1 gear set and DS 10 motor.  Not sure if you can still find a DS10 but it was the smallest we supplied.  Not sure if I wouldn't use Alan Gibson wheels now.  That was for the J21, I used the white metal blob they called a chassis.  The Q7 came with wheels with plastic centers.  Not sure who made them but this was at the time DJH had just moved to Consett and before they used Romford's.





Did those wheels use Romford axles, Richard? If so, they were W & T.



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