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Rodney Hills


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I was saddened to read of the passing of Rodney Hills in the January 2019 EMGS Newsletter; Rodney sadly passed away on 4th December 2019.

I first became acquainted with Rodney back in January 2007, initially thru' email correspondence concerning the benefits of 16.2mm gauge trackwork (00-sf).  Rodney then went on to set up the 00-sf Discussion Group on Yahoo, which assisted interested modellers greatly in those early (and often somewhat heated!) days;  discussion traffic on the group is now few and far between, having largely been superceded by both RMWeb and the Templot discussion groups.

Rodney was editor of the MERG journal, and was also instrumental in the saving of "Metropolitan Junction" - one of the first EM (18mm) Gauge layouts described in the model press back in the 1960's; I understand that ill-health increasingly affected Rodney's ability to restore the layout, which was consequently passed on to other modellers to continue the restoration process.  The layout was exhibited at ExpoEM in 2016.

I spoke with Rodney on numerous occasions by telephone, and also met with him several times at either the ExpoEM or S4um exhibitions.  He never failed to impress me with his knowledge, and was always most friendly and helpful.  I'd like to pass on my condolences to Rodney's Wife and Family.  Rest in peace Rodney - it was a pleasure knowing you, albeit in a small way.


Brian Tulley.


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