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23 minutes ago, Adrian Stevenson said:

All looking good.


Cheers. Been a few years since I built a layout so it's a little bit of trial and error. Slowly coming back to me !

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Ramps are setting. 

Fillet,  paint and fine ballast (for grip) later all being well.


There is a technical problem that needs sorting.

Unless I put the crane on the platform it needs the path diverting.  Already pulled up some hedgerow so it don't look like it's going on the platform! 

The syringe is doubling as a Dapol signal for now. Do more diverting there too!



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Sundays jobs?


Where is the goods loop water tower going?

72xx checking clearance 


Thanks to some technical expertise I have been advised I should be installing 3 catch points.

But I only got 1.

So it's going in here, which is probably the wrong place as it's too near the slip but as Railway modelling is usually a compromise to some degree.  This will have to do?



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It seems looking at photos in my various books that a ground lever could be mounted in many different guises.

So here is a simple one.

2 more to do. 3 with the catch !


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Did actually get a few things done late on yesterday. 

But not quite happy with them.

I found the remnants of "fine buff" N guage ballast from my oo guage days. 

So as I had painted the " slabbed" 422 platform with a grey paint that somehow left a glossy finnish I decided to use the buff stonew to give the platform some " grip"

I left the ramps as the paths leading to and from the station are also N gauge fine, but grey!

So one of today's jobs is to do the ramps, again! 

Must say I like the purple Bob's enamel signs. Might only be a small halt station but they making money off advertising !


Track has to be heavily weathered up today around water crane



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More jobs for today.


Fencing on middle board,  started from the rickety lineside hut ( roof to be weathered / rust) but have to finish installation of the water tower on the goods line before I know the fences final path !


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Deliberately lazy day today

Sorted the station ramps, now buff


Bit of fencing and a " worn " tracklayers / shunter path put in. That's about it.


Been looking at 1/16 Rc tanks as a diverstin !!


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Bit more fencing done.  Station Road this time!

Now awaiting purplebob signs in the post.

Weathered down small patches of track yesterday.  Little and often / mixing shades till it looks right? 



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Been a bit distracted with 1/16 rc tank last couple of days!


Might have to sell all the trains and buy more of them lol


As no 1 wife has a week off next week,  it was now or never for the layout going up at home and a test run.

plan B !!


3 of the 6 points now not throwing in 1 or both directions. 

Ok that should not be too hard to sort out as they were all working prior to ballast. 

One of the back man dynamis may have finally given up but I had a spare so at least there was steam heard!


But somewhat deflated that the station tracks somehow have gone way out of alignment! 

Middle run round loop and goods loop not too bad and lined up, but station line has kinked and was about 4-5mm out !

So it's ballast sucking machine out at some point next week and track re-alignin !

I think the problem has to do with the station ramps that set a little further off set than I wanted, overnight!


Still, means the layout like lockdown is not as finished as we would perhaps like !



Photo shows station rails aligned and how much out other would be. When of course it's station ones that have kinked. 

Other photo shows the auto coach just coming onto the kink !




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